Create a Powerful Legacy for Your Family with Video Storytelling

RecordClick’s clients have been asking for new and innovative ways to share their family search genealogy with living relatives, as well as descendants. As though genealogy isn’t interesting enough, now there is a great way to tell your ancestors’ stories that will withstand the test of time.

Using online video-making technology, you can turn your paper and online research results into a multi-media product that has an emotional impact. Engage your entire family – young and old – in a lineage project that will rekindle the heart of your family through conversation and video storytelling.

The sky’s your limit! Create and share life chronicles, video biographies, family trees, birthday videos, family reunion videos, or movies for other special occasions. Let RecordClick do all the work.

How Easy Is It?

Recognizing the value of digital storytelling to its clientele, RecordClick affiliated with ReelGenie to offer its extraordinary online, high-tech tools, so that you can bring your family history stories to life and preserve them for generations to come.

Until now, it has been daunting to make a video legacy biography online, since all the necessary tools were not available in one easy-to-use location. But this all-in-one video storytelling package allows anyone to create a timeless tribute online, including video, audio (voice and music), as well as graphic design elements – with all of the online digital tools available in one place.

There is no need to download additional software or complicated programs; the entire process, including the voice-over recording and the scanning and uploading of photos, is available on a single site. This one-stop-shop technology allows beginners and experts alike to turn family stories into family history documentaries.

How Can RecordClick Help Me When I Make My Family History Video?

RecordClick wants to help you create a meaningful and powerful video legacy for your family by enhancing the process. RecordClick’s professional genealogists, writers, editors, and producers can help you create your family history video from start to finish. We will research, compile, and edit your genealogy research information to fit the desired length of your video. We can also help you select appropriate photos and documents for scanning. And when all is said and done, RecordClick can also create a bound copy of your digital storytelling project.

Call us today at 866-632-9291 to find out how RecordClick’s complementary services can enhance your family history video endeavors and create a powerful video legacy. We’ll do all the work for you. Let our expert staff turn your family story into a legacy masterpiece.