Genealogy Researcher

Why Hire a Genealogy Researcher

Want to build a Family Tree? Need ancestry research? Hit a genealogy wall? Need DNA genealogy? Have to find family? Ready to create a video biography? It’s time to hire a professional genealogist. Our experienced professional genealogists are ready to help you with your genealogy needs.



Genealogy Research Services

The following genealogy services represent a small selection of our professional genealogy research services: Family Tree research, Genetic Genealogy, Find Family, Find Birth Parents, Lineage Society applications, Heir Hunting, Native Ancestry & Tribal Citizenship, Citizenship by descent, Video Biography, and Genealogy Analysis.


Which one of our professional services do you need?

If you are looking to start a family tree for the first time, click here and select either the Start Family Tree project, or the Build Family Tree project.

If you need focused research on a particular branch of the family, or a specific generation, and you don’t need a complete family tree project, then click here and order the Genealogy Wall option.

If you are just looking to obtain a record retrieval and you have exact dates, then click here and order the Ancestry Lookup option.

Perhaps you need DNA Genealogy Research to help you discover your ancestry by DNA. If so, click here to see the DNA testing we offer. Email  or call 1-866-632-9291 today for a free consultation on your DNA ancestry needs.


What if you are simply stuck, and need an expert telephone consultation to figure out your research strategy? Click here and order the very affordable Genealogy Strategy Session to give you the push you need, from a professional genealogist.

Maybe you enjoy doing your own research, but you are not quite sure where to start, and you would like a customized step-by-step road map for your genealogy research. If this is what you are looking for, then click here and order the Genealogy Research Plan.


If you don’t see what you want, or you are not sure what the best option is for your genealogy research, then call us now at 1-866-632-9291 or email us now at to speak with a professional genealogist about your family history.


Genealogy Researcher Reviews

“My experience has been positive. The platform is easy to use. Thank the ladies for me.” — R Fanelly, OH

“Oh my! This is going to rock the cousins’ world, but at least they know more now than they did before. You did such an excellent job – I am so impressed! Joyce did an excellent job, and I can tell she loves her job. I was surprised at how she found so much information so quickly. She backed everything up with her sources. I would definitely use this service again.” — Ruth, Florida

“Thank you all. I look forward to working with you all in the future.” — F Smith, TX

“It was a pleasure working with Record Click. From the beginning, they were a very responsive company, and they took genuine interest in helping me with my research. They provide excellent customer service and the researchers are always in contact with you. The results were also amazing! There was a very fast turnaround and they went over and beyond for me and thanks to them my Professor was very pleased. Thank you Record Click!” — S Perez, FL