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Hellooo, pleasure to meet you. At Record Click we are professional genealogist and we offer professional genealogy research services.

Our diverse genealogy service team includes Accredited, Credentialed, Professional, and experienced genealogists who can help you to break open your family tree and find your diverse family heritage to reveal your unique family history. Professional genealogy shouldn’t be about local searching, that’s why are diverse team includes professions all across the United States but all across the globe. Regardless, if your ancestral background is from Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, or other parts of the globe; we can help you break open your family tree to reveal your unique family history.

We are experts at record retrieval! Ask our researchers about your ancestors around the world, geographical migrations, marriages, affairs of the heart, medical family tree, death records, land deeds, assets, and much more.

We can customizes your family search for the genealogical research you need, for your time frame, and for your budget.


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Professional Genealogist Services


As you may already know, a professional genealogist is an individual skilled in various aspects of family history research who provides fee-based services to help others in the pursuit of their research project. While services and areas of particular expertise will vary, most true professionals agree to abide by a code of ethics to help maintain the highest possible quality standards in their work. Although not required, most professionals are active in one or more professional associations. Record Clicks professional genealogists are accredited and belong to at least one professional association, if not more.

Our professional geologists provide these services:

Tracing Ancestry – Our professional genealogist can help you trace your ancestors. For example, a genealogist will be able to discover who your immigrant ancestors were and where they came from. Or, a genealogist can research one of your family lines back to a specific time period or individual. This is often helpful when people want to join a lineage society and must prove that one of their ancestors participated in a historical event such as the United States Revolutionary War.

Researching Descendants – Our professional genealogist will help you in descendancy research by identifying people who descended from a particular individual. For example, you may be a descendant of Daniel Boone and want to start a family organization of his descendants to share genealogical information. Our genealogists can help you identify the frontiersman’s descendants.

Searching Records – Save time and avoid travel costs, we are experts at record retrieval. We can help find and review the records for you. Only with proper records can you validate a linage and, or apply for any lineage society applications.

DNA Analysis – Many companies offer services to test your DNA. Professional researchers can help you track down candidates for DNA testing and consultants can help you interpret your results. Not only, have we help locate relatives with DNA tests, but also, lead the communications on client behalf to maintain confidentiality and privacy.

Other Services – Our genealogists also provide a range of other services that include the following:

  • Consulting and counseling with you about how to solve a research problem.
  • Deciphering handwriting on old records.
  • Translating foreign records.
  • instructing and lecturing on genealogical topics.
  • Computerizing genealogical information.
  • Abstracting and publishing records.
  • Finding missing people.


Why a Professional Genealogist is Needed


You have questions about your family tree and we can help.

Time – Learning more about your family tree can be extremely time-intensive. It’s not as easy as just clicking the little hint leaves on While those can be very helpful as a foundation, it’s important to have a primary source document that proves each piece of information (birth, marriage and death dates and places, parents, children, etc.) in your tree.

These records are not all available online, nor are they always easy to find. A professional genealogist knows the most efficient and cost-effective ways of compiling all the sources you need to have an accurate family tree. Plus, if you have a special event coming up, like a birthday or anniversary of someone you love, a family reunion, or a trip overseas to the home of your ancestors…you might not have the time to do all the research on top of your already busy regular life!

Brick Walls – Most people who have spent time working on their genealogy have at least one line that seems to be at a complete dead end – known as a “brick wall” – that they need help breaking down. Professional genealogists have experience solving difficult genealogical problems, and have the knowledge and skills necessary to get past them. Many brick walls require in-depth research in land, tax and/or probate records, and most of those records are still not available online.

Language Barriers/Foreign Research – For those who live in the United States, Canada or Australia, and many who live in other parts of the world as well, it’s a fact that at some point your ancestors came from another location and spoke a language you may not know. You’ll also find that within one country you might have records written in a variety of languages. Professional genealogy companies have team members who speak and read many different languages, so they can trace your ancestry beyond their immigration and into their country of origin. They also have onsite agents that they work with who can visit archives and libraries in other locations when needed, rather than you having to plan an expensive trip overseas to find that one record about your great-great-grandmother.

Lineage Societies – Many people are interested in joining lineage societies such as the Sons or Daughters of the American Revolution (SAR/DAR), Mayflower Society, etc. Each of these societies has different requirements for membership, but they all have fairly strict policies on documentation. Our professional genealogist can help you collect the documentation you need to submit a successful application to whichever lineage society you might be interested in.

Team Approach – Sometimes when you’ve been working on your genealogy for a long time, all you need is a fresh set of eyes. Maybe there’s a clue in that death record you found 20 years ago, but you’ve looked at it so many times you just don’t see it. When you hire a professional genealogy company, such as Record Click, not only will they review what you’ve done and assess what other options are out there, but they peer-review each other’s work, so your family tree is seen by at least 2-3 different professionals.

Validation – Validation is key! Finally, you might want to hire a professional genealogist just to see if the research you’ve done on your own is right. Maybe you’ve inherited the work done by other family members, or maybe you’ve found quite a bit of information online that appears to be correct but you’re just not sure. A professional genealogist can review your information, determine the quality of your sources, and help you fill in holes where things might be lacking. if they find an error in your tree, they can help you correct it before you spend the next 5 years researching the wrong line!


Help You With Your Ancestor Research Project


If you are looking for professional help in your ancestor research project, Record Click’s professional genealogists are the answer. They can help you with your ancestor research project in various ways:

  • Researching a specific branch or line of your family history using local and national records.
  • Overcoming a stubborn brick wall in your genealogy by reviewing your own research and checking other records and sources to identify a solution.
  • Accessing and transcribing a record held in local and national archives which can provide additional information for your research.
  • Visiting and photographing a particular location, gravestone or building relating to your family’s history.

Ancestral research services by professional genealogists will complement your own research and help take the story of your family to the next stage.

The scope of your research project will be agreed in advance following an initial discussion. A quotation is issued to you detailing the cost of the research with all agreed in advance of any work being undertaken.

You will receive a research report presenting the research findings, the sources used and all the research conducted, including negative searches. Suggested future research options will also be provided to aid your future research.

Success of the project depends on the availability of records and the quality of the information provided. it is always advisable to gather as much information as possible prior to initiating a research request.


Professional Genealogist Research Methods


Regardless of the type of research you engage in with Record Click, most professional genealogists follow a similar research process, which is outlined below. Understanding this process will help you know what to expect from the genealogist you hire.

Defining the Research Problem – Good genealogists first review the information you already have. They discuss your research problem with you and make sure they clearly understand what you want them to accomplish.

Developing a Research Plan – Genealogists next develop a research plan that outlines what they will do to find the information you want. Most plans consist of a prioritized list of the records the genealogist will search. Research plans can be written or verbal. Your genealogist may share the plan with you.

Conducting the Research – As they follow their research plans, genealogists go to libraries, courthouses, archives, cemeteries, and other places to search for the information. As they search, they may photocopy pertinent records or acquire official copies.

Analyzing the Findings – Genealogists regularly review their research and make conclusions about what they have found. They also compare their findings with other documents to confirm or disprove conclusions.

Reporting the Findings – Periodically, genealogists prepare reports about their research activities. The report should include photocopies or abstracts of important information. it may also include suggestions for continued research.

Preparing Forms – Genealogist can prepare forms such as pedigree charts, family group sheets, and applications to lineage societies. They can enter information into a genealogical computer program for you.

Sharing Results – Genealogists can help you share the results of your research. A genealogist can contribute the findings to genealogical databases such as Family Tree or prepare articles or books.

Billing for Services – Genealogists bill for their services at agreed-upon intervals. Bills should clearly identify the time spent and expenses incurred on the project to date. Bills are often included with reports.


Hiring a Professional Genealogist


Anyone can claim to be a professional genealogist. This demonstrates the problem that exists in trying to evaluate someone to hire as a genealogist.

Described below are some guidelines that can assist in the selection.

Certification – Standards do exist in the genealogical profession. Professional genealogists may take a rigorous examination and receive a number of certifications.

One measure of the commitment an individual has to being a professional genealogist may be membership in the industry’s professional society. One advantage to retaining a member of a professional society is that a client with a problem about the conduct of an member can file a complaint with the society, which will arbitrate the matter. The organization publishes a directory of its members and their specialties.

Full time vs. part time – Another assessment of the qualifications of a professional genealogist is whether it is a means of earning a livelihood or a part-time vocation. Much new business in genealogy is by reference and word-of-mouth; an incompetent full-time genealogist soon experiences the need to find a different livelihood. This does not mean there are no qualified part-time professional genealogists. it does mean, however, that a person who makes a living at genealogy, and has practiced for a number of years, must have a large number of satisfied clients.

References – One can always ask for references. The professional, of course, will only supply a list of satisfied clients. One technique to evaluate the prospective researcher is to not only ask what the satisfied client liked about the genealogist, but ask what the client disliked about the genealogist. What one client might consider unimportant (for example, the genealogist took a long time to complete the work but did a great job) might be significant to you.

Have a look at what your past customers are saying about us; customer testimonials.


Finding a Professional Genealogist


We believe you have found the best possible genealogist already; Record Click. We are professional genealogist who are great at what we do and we are an affordable option.

When looking for genealogist that is near you, you could consider looking at There are many researchers listed at that resource but careful in your selection. Carefully evaluate their offerings, check their background, ask to speak with a previous customer, and follow the tips outlined on this page.


Hire a Professional Genealogist Cost


Many geneologists give their hourly rates based on education levels, training, their skills, experience, and credentials. Market conditions is also another factor they use to determine their hourly rates. Rates may go as low as $50.00 per hour and as high as over $120.00 per hour.

Many of the competent professional genealogists have an average rate of between $55.00 and $75.00 per hour. Record searchers mostly charge between $50.00 and $75.00 hourly. We’ve previously examined how much does it cost to hire a genealogist? and the above pricing seems to be the norm.

Due to the varying rates, it is at times difficult to what exactly guarantees a higher charge. Generally, NOT Record Click, other genealogists may defensibly price higher rates if they:

  • Researchers in demand and with good experience.
  • Have a special research masterpiece like knowledge of records in another country.
  • Their credentials show exceptional skills.

In spite of the fact that genealogists mostly work independently, it possible to find genealogical firms in places where there exist large repositories of records. There are many geneologists around the world and across all states, so finding a geneologist near you should not be challenging.


Why Record Click Professional Genealogist


We are experts and record retrieval and we can help solve any brick-walls you are facing. Furthermore, you will find that are pricing is extremely competitive and lower than other companies offering genealogy services.

professional genealogist

Contact us for a free genealogy tree review, as well as a free initial consultation with one of RecordClick’s professional genealogists. You can also click here to learn more about the cost of professional genealogist research packages.