Clients who have worked with Record Click have said:

Read below to hear some of the impressive genealogy researcher testimonials, and genealogy reviews, that we have gotten from our clients. Isn’t it time you completed your ancestry research? Call our genealogists today, so that we can make it easy for you to build a family tree and preserve your family history.

“I needed to find out my father’s maternal lineage for the sake of a land issue. He is part Menominee Indian and I needed to determine the percentage. I did an internet search for a company area and found “Record Click”. I contacted them and received a personal call from Elizabeth Khan. The word “personal” or better “personalized” is what I would use to describe the experience with Record Click. They listened to my needs and tailored their search and findings to my individual requirements. I would recommend them to friends and family interested in genealogy issues and plan to use them again to do a comprehensive family tree for my children.” — Joe Deer, Macomb, MI

“I would like to add that the search on my behalf was done quickly and professionally with excellent explanations and information about the areas being researched for me. I felt like it was an extended family member who was in the distant country finding family information and suggesting how to get certificates, some of which had not been recorded. Also… Record Click was 1/3 to 1/4 of the costs quoted by another company that does research in my research area. Also with this other company I would not have known what services to purchase.  Thanks for the empathetic effort in starting more of my search :-)” — Alexandra Innes, Canada

“Great and thank you. Please pass on my thanks to the researcher. It looks very complete and pleased. We will keep you on the top of our list for future projects.” — Joe Soldis Private Investigator 

“Thanks! You did a great job clarifying mistakes that were in our family genealogy.I plan on using you in the near future for further research.” — Randolph Henry, OH

“Thank you so much for your empathy your compassion and your amazing abilities. It really meant so much to all of us. With thanks…”” — Allison K., NJ

“Thanks so much for your assistance with my project. You uncovered information that I thought might be impossible to find, and in doing so helped resolve an historical mystery.” — James Perloff, author of The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline

“Thanks! I’m impressed that you were able to find this information in just 3 hours! The marriage certificate for Eliza was something I had not previously found.” — T.S., Washington

“My experience with Record Click was extremely favorable, helping me see something I have been staring at for years in a new angle, weeding out what had been done from what hadn’t and cleared up what seemed to be an insurmountable brick wall.” — Melissa Ward, FL

“I was very pleased with the quick assistance in finding info. about my Father’s ancestry. Thank you!” — Julia Wieler, Saskatoon, Canada

“I’ve downloaded all 5 documents and have been through them twice. Thanks for your hard work and your excellent productivity. There is some very
useful new information in there. Your thoughts about Virgina origins are useful and I’ll pursue them. Thanks for your all your efforts – they’re very helpful.” — Bill Wright, CA

“Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the favor you and Joyce have shown me. I had heard that a ‘lawsuit’ existed concerning my great, greatgrandfather & realized that it could be a link that I needed in tracing my family. However, I always met with the excuse that nothing existed after the burning of court houses in the South & especially Lexington Co., SC! How surprised I was when, using the reference to Brent Holcomb’s book you provided, the Archivist agreed to check his Equity Records. He found it in the Lexington Co. Deed Book & I have ordered a copy. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Thank you so much!” — J. Phifer, Austin, TX

“What great researching!! And, thank you. I now can go visit my grandmother’s gravesite. Here’s hoping we can find something on grandpa Martin.” — Susan Trial, Austin, TX

“I want to thank you guys. You are really good!” — Tony Miller, WI

“Once again, thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. Because of your experience and local knowledge you have saved me countless hours of needless research in wrong areas. You can rest assured that anyone that asks will receive your name and my recommendation to use record click. I can not thank you enough!” — Paul S. Bates (via Facebook)

“Your team is so gracious, prompt, professional and productive. I couldn’t wait to open my account each day to see what “hidden information” you had uncovered for me. Thank you so much. This is probably not the last time we will work together. There are still many of my “long-ago” relatives out there just waiting for you to find them.

P.S. Today is my birthday and you have all given me one of the finest gifts I could get. Thank you so much. I believe this ‘says it all.’ Can’t imagine what else would be needed. I appreciate everything your team has done to help me with my “journey.” Wow… such interesting twists and turns!” — J Wynne, NC

“You and the team did a wonderful job for me. Joyce made a couple of suggestions that I had not thought about in the past. As I said before, I am getting too old to keep pursuing this, but I will attend a wedding in Tennessee this coming weekend and see if some of the younger generations wish to pursue it. Technology has made a big difference from what I did 25-30 years ago. Thank you, again” — Daniel Sullivan, MO

“I just started looking at everything. This is amazing! Great work and thank you!” — A. Clark, WV

“Joyce’s research helped me clarify my search territory and enabled to start a database of Colvert-owned slaves. I may wish to contract for additional research after a trip to NC next week.” — L. Henderson

“I too would like to thank you and your team for all the time and effort you spent helping me with the research of my family. I really enjoyed talking with you Elizabeth, you made it easy to express my concerns and feelings. Thanks for allowing me to do a payment plan, I know this is something not done a lot, if ever, so I really appreciate your trust. You are in the right business.” — W. Williams, MD

“RecordClick was an awesome experience right from the beginning! I thought I had reached a dead end on part of my family tree but Kim came in and found more information that I could possibly imagine! My family and I are so impressed with all of the stuff she found and how much time she spent researching our family genealogy. Everyone involved in this project was excellent and very, very nice to work with! We will be back soon!!!” — Lauren Wampole, OR

“I was very happy with your service. It was done in a timely manner. Thank you so much!” — C. Wilmerton

“Thanks so much for your Act of Kindness and the information I received today. I feel you did a most adequate search for me and the money I sent. I know from experience how long it can, and does, take for some surnames. Would love to travel but that won’t happen so I must depend on others and people like you” — Frances, U.S.

“There were a lot more records than I expected.” — Erik, Norway

“The information connects very nicely with other information that you saw in the time line for Alexander, with the exception of the arrival date (which was always suspect). What you have sent feels right -Yes, the proof is not there but I feel good about this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” — M. Bacon, NJ


” Elizabeth, What an exciting result! I really am delighted. It has answered so many questions and given me several more leads to pursue. I can’t thank you enough for such an excellent piece of work and can assure you that when we come across another “brick wall” you will be the first people we come to. Once again very many thanks. All the best for the future.” — Richard Emms, UK

“Elizabeth and her staff are wonderful! Any family puzzle you have they can solve! They are so nice, and its absolutely amazing the information this team can figure out, not to mention how fast! They change lives with their insight I would definitely recommended this team if there’s something you want figured out!”.” — Erica Friedmann, PA

“Thank you, so much, to you and your team. This has been a great help and you have made the experience special. Thank you again.” — Paul Moore, MI

“I have been in shock and awe….absolutely speechless! I have been sitting here for several hours, despite the late hour, pouring through the documents you posted, and I can hardly believe what I am reading. The March 30, 1799 Greenbrier, WV Court Order listing family heirs will serve very well as a primary resource in place of the 1805 record we initially sought. Thank you! I must also add that I am so grateful that you did not give up despite my disappointment about the elusive1805 record. In the end, you offered more than I asked for, and that is very impressive customer service. Again, I am so incredibly impressed with your work. You offer the best in quality and attention to your clients. I couldn’t ask for better service or results.” — L Gellert, IN

“My experience has been positive. The platform is easy to use. Thank the ladies for me.” — R Fanelly, OH

“Oh my! This is going to rock the cousins’ world, but at least they know more now than they did before. You did such an excellent job – I am so impressed! Joyce did an excellent job, and I can tell she loves her job. I was surprised at how she found so much information so quickly. She backed everything up with her sources. I would definitely use this service again.” — Ruth, FL

“Thank you all. I look forward to working with you all in the future.” — F. Smith, TX

“It was a pleasure working with Record Click. From the beginning, they were a very responsive company, and they took genuine interest in helping me with my research. They provide excellent customer service and the researchers are always in contact with you. The results were also amazing! There was a very fast turnaround and they went over and beyond for me and thanks to them my Professor was very pleased. Thank you Record Click!” — S. Perez, FL

“My thanks to you for your assistance with regards B.E. Stratton. I certainly did not expect to have the results so promptly.” — Sandra, Australia

“I have reviewed the wonderful files you’ve sent me. I just want to thank you. Even though the father could not be identified, I still got some other information I could use later on. Thank you again.” — P. Bailey, PA

“Well, while it has been a while since I hired a genealogist to do research for me, I can say I was very pleased with the level of communication I received as you worked to get access to the records I requested.  I liked receiving scans of the pertinent records and have downloaded them into my files.  Thanks for your oversight and your “legwork”” — R. Crane, MN

“Thank you so much for all the superb work you have done! I feel like I know so much more about my family. My cousin in Sweden is the grandson of Victor’s younger sister Josefina. The first three Lars August Sjoberg children had another mother who died. When she died, he took in a young orphaned girl to watch the three older girls. Regina then had Victor and Josefina. Again, my thanks for your excellent services.” — Jean Roseman, TN

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that within a week of speaking to Elizabeth about my search for my father’s family, I would be looking at the family history. Words will never be enough to say thank you, it is certainly better than winning the lottery!!” — Terence, Isle of Wight, UK

“Hello Elizabeth & Team, I have just received our mail from Bennetts Green in NSW. What a wonderful surprise, the copies of the Death Certificates. Thank you all so very much for all your help & assistance in obtaining the certificates, it is greatly appreciated. Sincere Thanks to you all.” — RC, Western Australia