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Professional Genealogists

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Find a Genealogist

Find a genealogist that is cost effective, budget conscious and trustable

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Available Genealogy Services

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Standard Services

  • Record Search and Document Retrieval
  • Tracing Family History Domestic and International
  • Family History Research
  • Family Tree Review
  • Heir Search
  • Estate Settlement
  • Genealogical Research
  • And much much more …

Ethnicity Based Genealogy Services

  • African American Genealogy
  • Austrian Genealogy
  • British Genealogy
  • Czech Genealogy
  • Danish Genealogy
  • German Genealogy
  • Irish Genealogy
  • Italian Genealogy
  • Jewish Genealogy
  • Native American Genealogy
  • Polish Genealogy
  • Russian Genealogy
  • Scottish Genealogy
  • And much much more …

Adoption and Missing Person Search Services

  • Find Biological Children
  • Finding Birth Parents
  • Find Missing People/Relatives

Application Services

  • Lineage Society Applications
  • SAR Sons of the American Revolution Application
  • DAR Daughters of the American Revolution Application
  • Native Ancestry and Tribal Citizenship
  • And much much more …

Professional Genealogy Starts With Great Researchers

Professional Genealogist

Quentin, skilled and experienced professional researcher, an author, a film and video producer, a businessman, and a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) case officer. With his University of Utah degree and his work in the intelligence community gave him a deep knowledge of research and investigative techniques that he has continued to use him in later years. He has been an avid private investigator and professional genealogical researcher for over 40 years and has handled cases for more than 200 clients in more than 30 countries.

Professional Genealogist

Joyce, a 40+ year veteran professional researcher has been accredited by the Family History Library and by ICAPGEN in Isle of Man and English genealogy research since 1992. In addition, she is extremely knowledgeable in Irish, Scottish, U.S. and other genealogical searches. Well experienced in genealogy, family history, and tracing roots. She is an extremely effective researcher and often ask for by name by new customers.

Professional Genealogist

Kim, a gifted family historian and an internationally respected qualitative researcher with an interest in social history. She has conducted genealogical research for over 20 years and as professional for the past 10 years. Kim has a doctoral degree in the social sciences and a post-graduate diploma in genealogical studies. Having a Metis heritage, she has a significant interest in Metis, Native American, French-American/Canadian, Creole and early American/Canadian genealogy.


Recent Customer Who Found a Trust-able Genealogist
Hannibal from New South Wales
Record Search – found my ggg-grandfather’s birth certificate from 1800


Alan from Northern Territory
Family History – I didn’t have a clue on where to begin


Zack from Queensland
Family History – I was struggling with my mother side


Alan from South Australia
Tree – ancestry.com really messed up my tree but now it is good


Twain from Tasmania
DNA – needed proof for the results on my DNA test


Amy from Victoria
Genealogy Research – hit a brick wall and couldn’t move forward


Trina from Western Australia
Tree – I didn’t know how to build my tree


Beatrice from Western Australia
Tribal Application – didn’t know how to complete my Native American application


Paul from Western Australia
Ship Records – I was looking to locate my a past record


Becky from Northern Territory
Tracing Family History – wasn’t getting anywhere with my research


Paige from New South Wales
Dual Citizenship – needed help completing my dual citizenship application


Betty from Queensland
Legacy Book – wanted a nice book to share with the family


Nicky from Victoria
Birth Parents – was looking for my birth parents


Bruce from New South Wales
DNA Analysis – needed someone to review my DNA test results and guide me


Melissa from Queensland
Family Tree – needed help finding a record


Chris from Victoria
Russian Genealogy – needed research completed in Russia


Mary from Victoria
Record Search – needed help locating a death record


David from Queensland
Tree Analysis – didn’t know if my tree was accurate or not


Justin from New South Wales
SAR Application – didn’t know how to file for application


Serving: New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia