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2 Hours Free Genealogy Research

Every week we select 1 individual from our pool of entries and give them 2 hours of professional genealogy research for free. Yes free! Why? We believe knowing your heritage is important and we want to help you with your research. Our professional genealogists are really good at what they do. When you see the work and effort they place into your project you will be impressed.

With our unique process, you will also have access to our Research Suite. Which gives you real-time access to your project, your files, and your researchers. Working side-by-side with your researchers, you can ask questions and guide your research. Witness the mysteries that are uncovered.

Draw Winners

If you were selected as a winner in the past then you can win again. No need to enter again, just keep checking our announcements.

If your name appears on the list below please reply to the email that you received. Unless, we have already been in contact.

Recent Winners

Bruce – Florida United States
Coming soon!

Tania – New Jersey United States
I was stuck and I didn’t know how to overcome my roadblock. Thanks to Record Click’s professional genealogist they helped me move forward. Thanks RC!

Frances – New York United States
Record Click, you’re awesome. Thank you for kickstarting my genealogy research project. I will return soon.

Heather – from California United States
Thank you for helping me locate my adoption record. I now can proceed with locating my birth family. Thank you Record Click, I cannot express how you have changed my life for the better.

Jun – Texas United States
Thank you; that was great! I will order additional paid research based on the results you were able to find.

Colista – Washington United States
You guys were great to work with. I got some very helpful information and I am excited to use it to do more of my family history. I would use you again without hesitation. Thank you for your efforts and the great information given.

Lani – Nevada United States
Coming soon!

Penny – Idaho United States
Thank you Record Click! That was just amazing to see how the researchers uncovered my research roadblocks. I will come back again for more research.

Anthony – Sydney Australia
Thank you all very much it’s great to work with your team! I just ordered additional research on top of what you found during the draw hours. ūüôā

Wanwitchani – Vancouver Canada
I was not expecting this level of professionalism. Plus I cannot believe how much you’ve uncovered in just 2 hours. Thank you Record Click!