How to Create a Family Tree Templates

Tree Templates

It is surprisingly helpful to use the different family tree charts and templates to create your family history research. The various chart forms are readily available online and come in handy when you don’t want to lose track of your notes. Usually, you can print as many family-tree templates as you like.

Sample Tree Templates

Printable Family Tree Templates

family tree poster
Our selection of printable family tree templates can be downloaded for free in PDF in formats. You can use any of the blank family tree templates to make your own version for your family members.

We also offer a online editable version for free. Start with one of templates and that start adding your history, one branch at a time.

Use your imagination and create yourself a wonderful family tree poster. If you need help, not to worry we are available.

But What Is a Family Tree?

A family tree is a structure resembling a tree showing the different relationships between family members. It is the tree-like appearance that makes the name most befitting. In most cases, the family tree starts with an individual at the base, branching other generations upwards as in a tree. Notably, the tree spreads upwards to accommodate more individuals across generations.

How To Fill in A Family Tree Template

Whether you are creating a family tree for your kids or seeking to personally unearth your extended family history, there are measures that you need to take when filling in the template. The first thing is to gather relevant information about every individual you wish to include in the family tree. Specifically, every individual should have a known date and place of major events such as birth or marriage. Besides, you will need to place the full names correctly to avoid confusion as you branch up the tree.

Creating a family tree for kids should be a basic task to keep the child engaged and aware of the connections. So, you may only include the child, both parents, and the grandparents from both the mom’s and dad’s sides. Nonetheless, you can create a family tree consisting of great grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles, and siblings, depending on your child’s abilities.

Once you decide on the individuals to include in the family tree, select the representation design or layout. There are numerous ways to present family tree information. For instance, you can write individual dates and full names or include photos for every member. Take your time to peruse the numerous types of family tree templates before deciding what works for you.

One more element that makes the family tree engaging and clear is the use of symbols. This element is common as it shows the different relationships between family members, making it easy to follow through. For instance, you can use the cross symbol beside a deceased member’s name. The use of different symbols or colors may also help represent different genders. Also, you can use different symbols, colors, or lines when you want to include adopted or half-siblings in your family tree.

When filling in the family tree template, it’s wise to always start with the young ones at the bottom since they don’t have any descendants. Their siblings should fall under the same generation. The next level/generation should include both parents of the child. If you wish to add aunts or uncles, you should include their information next to the parents’ names, just like you did with siblings. Then comes the next generation, which consists of grandparents with lines connecting to the descendants. It worth noting that the major branch starts between the mom and dad leading to other additional branches on either side.

More Tree Templates

Online Family Tree Templates

You probably plan to use the dedicated genealogical online resources and the family tree templates. The online templates can help you gather information and upload it to your family history template. Find various free templates to download here.

Even if you plan to create your family tree by hand, you will still need the family tree template to make your genealogy much easier. The online family tree template only requires you to fill in the relevant information for each family member instead of hand-drawing your family tree from scratch.

By now, you can probably tell how filling in family trees can be overwhelming. However, it depends on the scope of your family tree and how detailed you want it to be. The readily available online family tree templates are made to help you learn about families and relationships seamlessly. Why not choose one of these family tree templates for your family and challenge every member to show the unique relationship within the family structures?

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