Cost to Hire a Genealogist Near Me – Tips & Fees for Hiring a Genealogist

Cost of Hire a Genealogist Near Me
Last Updated: Jan 2021

When researching your family tree, we get asked frequently if I should hire a genealogist near me or not. If you want to find your family roots, the perfect way to do it is by hiring a professional genealogist near you as it will save you time. To hire a genealogist near me you normally do so when you have a challenge either with research, lack of the required skills or simply the time to research, it will be beneficial for you if you reached out for a professional to assist you.

As you know, genealogy is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. Also called family history. A professional genealogist is a person who traces the history of people or family lineages. At some point in your research you’re going to need to hire a professional.

The keys to finding a pro genealogist near you are similar to those applied when looking for any other professional. To start with, you need a general information on genealogists, what they do and their services, and are the located near me.

What Services to Expect From a Genealogist

There are four major services offered by professional genealogists:

  • Tracing ancestry
  • Researching descendants
  • Searching for vital records, or other records
  • Running DNA tests and interpreting the results
Here is a more detailed list of genealogy services that are available.

Other services provided by many professional genealogists include; Deciphering ancient handwritten texts, tracking down missing persons, translating foreign records and conducting research counseling. Which ever service the genealogist may perform, there is one thing for certain: to do genealogy research, one should like lists. Your research project may consist of family history research, applying for a lineage society, completing a DNA test, reviewing DNA testing (also know as DNA analysis), or simply completing family research such as searching for your great grandfather.

Note that it is not a requirement by law for professional genealogists, even if they are near you in your state, to be licensed or certified by any entity in the government, you must do your research well to ensure that you find a genealogist with the of expertise you need. Many genealogists are certified by the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Why Hire a Genealogists?

If you are at a point in your research where you have consulted all the resources you can find and feel like you have hit a roadblock, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional genealogist and hire a professional. Despite the availability of records and numerous technological advances, working with a professional is a sure way to get the answers that you need.

hire a genealogists

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Find a Genealogist Near Me

When looking for professional genealogist, even if he she is certified by the Association of Professional Genealogist, that is near you, aside from our available server, you should could consider looking at the directory listing at There are many researchers, including ones from Salt Lake City, listed at that resource but careful in your selection. Carefully evaluate their offerings, check their background, ask to speak with a previous customer, and follow the tips outlined below.

Genealogist Near Me

Genealogist Near Me

How Genealogists are Paid

Genealogists, charges are affected by three things:

Competence – Genealogists’ charges are widely varied. Genealogists with rates so high do not necessarily conduct better research. Most of them charge high to enable them to afford the training required to offer better service. Legitimate genealogists should never promise to find the particular information you seek; it may be destroyed, missing or never existed altogether. A certified genealogist, in the United States and world wide, should be able to break through any genealogy brick walls you’re facing and uncover your family stories with well defined research goals. Furthermore, most genealogy researchers are experts at lineage society, family trees, and much more but you need to be aware of time constraints, research experience, work samples, and research process.

The nature of the task – Research jobs, such as researching family history or family tree, vary with complexity. For instance, Consultation may be more complex than a record search. As a result, a genealogist’s rates could be higher than the rates of a record searcher. Some tasks consume more time than others. If for example, the person conducting the census missed your great grandfather’s house, not even the best genealogist can find his name in the census, however, the genealogist would have to do a thorough search to be sure.

The market environment – The area of prowess and also the physical location of a genealogist may affect their rates. For instance, a researcher who specializes in an area which not many researchers are experienced in may charge higher than a researcher whose proficiency is comparatively common. Hiring a genealogist near me in New York might cost more than a genealogist in a small town.

Cost of Hiring a Genealogist Fee Layouts

When hiring a genealogist, the fee structures and rates can vary from one genealogist to the other. There are genealogists who bill as they proceed with the work. Others charge per project. Most of them charge per hour plus expenses.

Cost of Hiring a Genealogist by the Hour

Many genealogists give their hourly rates based on education levels, training, their skills, experience, and credentials. Market conditions are also another factor they use to determine their hourly rates. Rates may go as low as $50.00 per hour and as high as over $120.00 per hour. Many of the competent professional genealogists have an average rate of between $55.00 and $75.00 per hour. Record searchers mostly charge between $50.00 and $95.00 hourly. We’ve previously examined how much does it cost to hire a genealogist? and the above pricing seems to be the norm.

Due to the varying rates, it is at times difficult to what exactly guarantees a higher charge. Generally, genealogists may defensibly price higher rates if they:

  • Researchers in demand and with good experience.
  • Have a special research masterpiece like knowledge of records in another country.
  • Their credentials show exceptional skills.

In spite of the fact that genealogists mostly work independently, it possible to find genealogical firms in places where there exist large repositories of records. There are many genealogists around the world and across all states, so finding a genealogist near you should not be challenging.

Expenditure Cost for Hire a Genealogist

When researching your family history or your family tree, many genealogists charge for the expenses incurred during their operations. The mostly incurred expenses include:

  • Cost of copying documents.
  • Charges by other researchers paid to conduct research of records in far cities.
  • Transportation, meals, and accommodations.
  • Fees paid to repositories and other record amenities.
  • Cost for things like postage, secretarial services, and supplies.

Paying your Hired Genealogist

Payment methods differ depending on the fee layout. Most of the genealogists ask for a retainer for they commence on the work, they then work and bill against the retainer until it all spent, they ask the client to pay another retainer and continue working.

Below are some tips to help you control your costs.

  • Gather information about your family as much as you possibly can. Use as many free resources as possible. We have listed Free Genealogy Services Resources in the previous post. Be sure to take advantage of them.
  • Break down a large project into minor tasks and pay for them periodically.
  • Stay informed about your costs by requesting reports and comprehensive billings.
  • Specify distinctly whether the hired genealogist can bill for cost overruns and under what conditions should he do so.
  • Request other members of your family to help you meet the costs.

The Scope of Research

Genealogists generally spend the first few hours of a project to determine the goals of their clients, examine the problem and come up with a research plan. This differs considerably depending on the volume of the prior research.

The Process of Hiring a Genealogist Near Me

When you are considering to hire a genealogist near me, below are six steps you should follow:

  1. Determine the needs of your research. Before you hire a genealogist, define the problem of your research and determine what you want to be done by the genealogist.
  2. Gather a list of professional genealogists. Obtain a list of professional genealogists by contacting libraries and genealogical firms around you.
  3. Reach out to the candidates. Call many genealogists with relevant credentials and skills.
  4. Determine which of the several genealogists you are going to hire. Before you decide on which of the several genealogists you are going to hire, ask yourself the following questions:
    • Does the genealogist understand your problem and has the ability to solve it?
    • Is the genealogist familiar with and can access the records that seem to be able to solve your research problem?
    • Is the genealogist interested in working on your project?
    • Does he have the background and skills needed?
    • Are the genealogist’s rates appropriate?
  5. Sign an agreement. Make sure you make an agreement with the genealogist before he starts working on your research project
  6. Pay and give information to begin. Send the retainer the genealogist needs to start working. Share the information you may have with the genealogist. Send clean photocopies. Never give the original documents or materials that you have no copies of.

After determining a qualified individual, as for work samples and check review sites, but sure to check for research experience.

Stay in Touch with Your Genealogist

When hiring a professional genealogist, as your genealogist continues working on your family history, make sure you communicate with him often. Continue to view work samples that are being provided. You can avoid many problems with good communication. Remember, you want to be part of the research and the mysteries that are uncovered. During the entire process be sure to ask lots of questions about all the family members you’re trying to uncover. This will avoid as many research problem as possible.

Genealogical Source Checklist

When you consider the cost to hiring a professional near you, you should also kinda the following genealogical resources as it pertains to your research needs.

Family and Home Records

Personal Knowledge
Family Bibles
Account Books
Baby Books
Citizenship Papers
Farm Records
Funeral Programs
Health/Medical Records
Journals, Diaries
Legal Papers

Complete Genealogical Source Checklist

When you hire a genealogist from RecordClick, you will get genealogy services that are complete, detailed and professional.

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