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If you are thinking about researching your own family tree, keep this in mind: there’s no perfect time to start so it might as well be now.

You have no idea where the journey will take you, and you may meet some wonderful people along the way. Record Click is more than capable of taking you through historical times.

Over four million Italians entered the United States between 1880-1930. Are your ancestors among them? Maybe they are but it may be challenging to find this information on your own.

That is why the information in this category is exactly what you need. Our genealogists will enable you to discover more about your Italian genealogy.

We will start with what you know, find out what your family knows, and use genealogical records to work our way backward and uncover the unknown.

Italian genealogy takes us to different libraries, archives, and record repositories but we are ready to put our best skills to use and discover your generation of Italian ancestors.