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Record finding is a critical component of validating a relationship in genealogy. As such, professional genealogists frequently turn to cemeteries and headstones.

You can easily find an extensive list of cemeteries in the US and quickly discover that the list encompasses well over thousands. In California alone, you’ll find that there are at least 4 to 5 thousand cemeteries.

Each burial will contain a headstone. A headstone is also known as a tombstone, gravestone, or cornerstone. Simply put, it is a slab placed at the head of a grave. Headstones come in different sizes and styles but one thing is for certain and that is they are a record in history.

Each headstone tells a genealogist the name and the person’s birth and death date. There is no denying this type of record so a cemetery’s headstones are hunted thoroughly. To obtain a headstone record, most searchers are unable to visit cemetery, which is fine, as there are numerous cemeteries headstone records available online.