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Our California genealogy blog provides the ultimate guide to genealogy records for researching family history, genealogy and ancestry.

You do not have to live in California to know where you came from; we go the extra mile to bring your California Census Records. Or do you think you can find more information about your family through Archives and Libraries?

Either way, we will give you the answers that you need. We use California genealogy records, obituaries, directories, certificates and other resources to ensure that you learn more about your origin.

We believe that every piece of information we find represents a story, an experience and a block for you to build upon in discovering your California genealogy.

There is a world of wisdom in your personal story. We strive to uncover it and fill that void, vacuum or emptiness that pushes you to know more.

Whether you great-grandparents come from the San Mateo County in California or built the railway in Sierra, you will discover their history.