Category - Nebraska Genealogy

If you have ancestors from Nebraska, we will help you connect one generation to another and lead you to information that you could not have otherwise discovered.

Needless to state, it is important to explore your heritage. After all, Nebraska was home to thousands of indigenous people for centuries. Who knows?

Maybe your grandparents were even involved in the fight for Nebraska as a state in 1867. With records available for almost 400 years of the state’s history, your family is sure to be found in a variety of records available.

Your Nebraska genealogy is part of who you are and we are proud to help you embrace it. But Nebraska was not always a bed of roses. When the first settlers arrived, the land was harsh and unforgiving. Therefore, they had to summon the dynamic pioneer spirit of hope and determination.

Those who did not succeed left. Even so, a few of them remained and built sod houses, your ancestors definitely remained to build a better life for you. Start looking for them and you will be amazed at what your Nebraska genealogy has in store.