Category - Civil War

Genealogy civil war records are a great resource for research.

War does not always have to refer to the negative effects that come with fighting each other. In the world of genealogy, civil war means much more than this.

It is all about the despair to fight for what you believe in and going to great lengths to defend one’s country. We will find your family members who served in the war by researching complied service records, draft records and many other resources.

We will take you back to the 1960’s and find members of your family who took part in the civil war. Perhaps your great-or even-great-great grandfather was amongst the 2.1 million men who were mustered in the Union Army.

Your other relatives could also be part of the 900,000 men who were on the Confederate side. Who knows? Your great aunt could have served as spy!

She may have been amongst the brave females who disguised as men and actually thought on the ground. Be ready to explore this and much more!