How To Unlock Corporate Innovation And Creativity With Family Heritage

unlock Corporate Innovation and Creativity

Success stories like McDonald’s Happy Meal, Amazon Web Services, and Google’s Gmail are examples of the results CEOs should expect when they unlock corporate innovation and creativity. These and other ideas were pioneered by employees and worked wonders for their respective companies.

While these stories prove that corporate innovation can drive organizational success, many CEOs have yet to have a regard for innovation in their companies. They fail to recognize that employees are the most valuable asset when harnessing expertise and intelligence. As a result, it becomes hard for innovation to thrive since the company has restricted employees to their job description.

In such an environment, employees barely understand what innovation entails, and most will confuse it with open-mindedness. They lack the clue to make tangible connections that result in inventions, insights, and discoveries.

Many employees and corporate leaders remain unaware of family heritage’s creative and innovative potential when trying to achieve personal and professional goals. Stories about your ancestors, business founders, their values, traditions, and experiences can help tap into full creative power beyond random ideas. They motivate you to transform your inner creativity into meaningful projects.

This guide explores the existing family heritage patterns that can help create unique strategies and think outside the box. Most importantly, it demonstrates how CEOs can leverage family heritage to unlock corporate innovation and creativity among employees and see their company and careers succeed tremendously in all areas of life.

How Family Heritage Helps Unlock Corporate Innovation and Creativity

Family heritage offers numerous insights that can motivate creativity in the workplace. Innovation rooted in personal and family heritage evokes motivation, morale, high performance, uniqueness, and profitability.

Below is a more detailed look into the different ways family heritage can unlock innovation:

1. It Enhances Corporate Leadership

A chart showing the shift in CEO leadership

Personal narratives from family heritage align with the concept of “narrative leadership” that has become an art for CEOs to master to become more effective and relatable.

It would be daunting to foster innovation in employees when the CEO, CFO, CHRO, and other C-suite executives have yet to subscribe to it. Family history has proven to be an effective source of insights in establishing true identity throughout career and life.

The stories about business founders, ancestors, family dynamics, and diverse backgrounds have effectively facilitated the CEO’s innovative spirit, brand identity, social impact, succession planning, and more.

With all corporate elements streamlined through family heritage, it sets the stage for the CEO and employees to pursue innovative ideas. An aligned corporate leadership and culture helps employees balance tradition and innovation.

2. Boosts Cognitive Abilities and Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence unlock corporate innovation and creativity

emotional intelligence unlocks corporate innovation and creativity

A comprehensive family heritage report uncovers intriguing, surprising, and inspiring facts about a family or company and the values that have thrived. These insights could foster curiosity and imagination just like any historical discovery.

However, the family heritage case is different as it portrays the true reflection of the employee or the company and aspects that touch on emotions and the social impact. For example, discovering that a great-grandmother wrote a novel or started the company can motivate them to pursue innovative goals in their current position.

Similarly, they would be more inclined to try new domains despite having no such consideration before.

3. Motivates New Approaches and Diversity

A family tree art

A detailed family tree unearths backgrounds that can motivate new approaches and Diversity

With family heritage research, employees understand the challenges business founders and their ancestors endured, their opportunities, and the achievements they made. A comprehensive report also covers the cultural and historical contexts that shaped their lives, helping staff extract valuable lessons that can unlock corporate innovation and creativity.

The diversity depicted in the company history or employees’ family trees, as well as the rituals conducted by the forebears, can help employees understand the source of their values and identity. In the same way, learning about business funders can help employees align with the company’s values and appreciate its mission.

Consequently, the employee can appreciate their strengths and potential and develop a different way of thinking and unique values. Such uniqueness drives the invention of new products, services, and solutions that not only fill a gap but also bring differentiation, which is an advantage for any business.

4. Encourages Resilience and Adaptability

lessons from unlock corporate innovation and creativity

Your ancestors’ contribution during War can be inspiring

Numerous studies have shown that children exposed to stories of their ancestors’ resilience and perseverance are likelier to show the same traits. Well-documented stories about ancestors’ resilience and adaptability will likely foster similar employee characteristics.

Learning about the hardships ancestors or business founders endured during their time, and the efforts they made to overcome them can be a rich lesson for employees who face challenges.

Family heritage is rich in stories about past obstacles, challenges, and changing environments and their impact on ancestors’ lives. Cases of torturous migration, discrimination, disasters, wars, oppression, and more can be enough testaments to what life was then.

Lessons from these events can help corporate leaders and employees face challenges and uncertainties with determination. Besides, such unfortunate lessons can motivate workers to challenge the status quo and yearn for success and utmost resilience.

5. Fosters Collaboration and Communication

Celebrations are crucial in a value-driven corporate culture as it boost employee satisfaction. All this are necessary for strong brand identity and loyalty

LG CEO William Cho has actively engaged with company employees through end -of-year F.U.N. Talk’

Family heritage conveys stories about the company or the individual leaders and employees. By having every employee pursue their family heritage, CEOs can have the workers share and listen to the stories of their colleagues to understand their identity and appreciate their diversity.

Sharing and listening may include collaborative practices like writing biographies, creating family trees, or writing documentaries—such sharing of family heritage fosters trust and rapport.

Besides, employees may discover shared traits and values that motivate them to pursue innovative courses together in their careers and lives. Eventually, they become close friends and are more likely to exchange ideas and feedback in work-related activities.

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3 Successful CEOs Who Have Unlocked Corporate Innovation and Creativity

While family heritage will encourage innovation among employees, CEO stories will make it look realistic and achievable. Therefore, as a CEO, you should be on the front line when it comes to leveraging your family heritage to unlock innovation.

Below are top executives who have provided perfect examples that you can learn from to lead by example in innovative products, services, or solutions.

1. Apple’s Steve Jobs

Steve jobs leveraged his family heritage to unlock corporate innovation and creativity

Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs’ achievements demonstrated the impact of family heritage on a CEO and the company, especially in matters of innovation and creativity. Jobs had a Syrian biological father, making him curious about Islam and his father’s homeland.

His mother also had Swiss-German heritage, which encouraged him to pursue excellence, precision, and respect for education. However, Jobs grew up in the hands of adoptive parents of American-German heritage. These dynamics enhanced his hardship and survival tactics as well as his independence.

When Steve Jobs co-founded Apple, he leveraged his vast heritage from Syria to explore new product markets. Besides, his adventurous traits helped Apple pursue new tech, hence the production of iPods and iPhones.

Most importantly, the confidence he gained from his upbringing with adoptive parents motivated him to challenge the status quo and develop innovative products like the App Store. His respect for education and science is also evident in the company’s production of informative and educational iPads, iTunes U, and more.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey lleverages her family heritage to unlock corporate innovation and creativity

Media mogul and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey rose from poverty and hardships to create a successful and influential career in television, film, and publishing. She also supports various causes and charities. Oprah is an example for CEOs, especially women, to leverage lessons from their heritage and upbringing and champion corporate innovation and creativity.

Oprah’s parentage was of different cultural and ethical backgrounds, so she learned pretty early the sensitivity of inclusion and diversity. Besides, her father is said to have served in the Armed forces, so she knows the price and reward of resilience and hard work.

However, the major lessons for the media mogul and philanthropist emanate from her humble background in the hands of a grandmother who was a teacher. She taught young Oprah how to read, recite bible verses, and remain disciplined all her life.

These experiences instilled tangible values into Oprah’s life, and she grew up dedicated to leading the same in her endeavors. Consequently, Oprah’s values have paid off if the billions of views her shows have garnered are anything to go by.

Besides, her O Magazine demonstrates her values for human well-being and accomplishment through its health, culture, beauty, fashion, and spirituality topics. Her cable TV network, OWN, also conveys Oprah’s values and vision in its original programming.

Oprah’s values regarding education and eradicating poverty are evident in her Oprah Angel Network, which supports various courses such as helping victims of natural disasters, building schools in Africa, and offering scholarships.

3. Walt Disney

Perhaps there wouldn’t be anything like the Walt Disney Company, the iconic characters like Mickey Mouse and Snow White, were it not for the innovation and creativity Walt acquired from his family heritage.

Walt Disney, the founder of The Walt Disney Company, acknowledged the role that his diverse cultural background and upbringing played in his success. His father, Elias Disney, was a dealer in farming, carpenter, mail carrier, businessman, etc. Walt had first-hand experience of thriftiness, perseverance, and hard work through him.

Similarly, Walt’s mother, Flora, was a teacher who taught the young lad education, creativity, and curiosity. It was the mother who exposed Walt to a variety of art and read him stories regularly. Nonetheless, the father bought the first art supplies for the young Walt.

Such contributions from his family enhanced Walt’s innovation, animation, and storytelling skills. At the age of 18, Walt had already become a professional commercial illustrator, and by the time he launched Disneyland Park, he was determined to unlock more creativity.

Walt Disney used its diverse heritage and its lessons to create an innovative workforce that has contributed to Disney’s current success. Besides inspiring stories like Bambi and Fantasia, Disney’s heritage helped him persevere challenges and obstacles like World War II, legal disputes, and labor strikes.

How Personal Narratives Make You An Effective CEO

Tips for CEOs to Foster a Culture of Innovation and Creativity through Family Heritage

Personal Narratives are inspiring and can unlock corporate innovation and creativity

Great business leaders should stick to the company’s sustainability and employees’ success and not immediate profits

Family heritage has proven to be a critical consideration in the corporate world as it helps establish your true identity and fosters creativity, leading to differentiation and success.

The best place to start is to learn your family history and find compelling clues to drive your current desire to create a new product or service. Every person has a unique family history that they can leverage to unlock corporate innovation and creativity or support such aspirations.

Family values should be evident through the CEO, as well as alignment with the corporate culture and any values held by the company or its founders. The same goes for all employees. They should have a family history or values that drive them and appreciate their diversity with colleagues.

How to Uncover Your Family Heritage

At RecordClick, we help you unlock corporate innovation and creativity by tracing your family tree and documenting discovery stories and lessons from ancestors.

Expert genealogists at Record Click search and use original records, documents, photos, and other sources to make an accurate account of your ancestors and the entire family. Such a comprehensive report makes it easy to understand your heritage, identity, and complexity inherited from your family.

Most importantly, our experts will advise on the best DNA test for your genealogy. DNA results are crucial when you want to uncover your genetic traits. It can also help you understand strengths that you can leverage in creative and innovative ideas.

DNA test can help you understand strengths crucial to unlock corporate innovation and creativity

DNA test can help uncover your genetic traits

Above all, DNA results can help create a more diverse workforce, which is crucial when you want to unlock corporate innovation and creativity in the workplace. The information in the genealogy report will help you build support networks, lead with a purpose, and create an ultimate competitive advantage that’ll crush the competition.

Our diverse team includes specialists from all across the United States and the globe. Regardless of whether the ancestral background is from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, or other parts of the world, we can help identify all the clues.

You can ask our researchers about families worldwide, geographical migrations, marriages, affairs of the heart, medical family trees, death records, land deeds, assets, and much more.

We can customize your family search for the genealogical research you need, your time frame, and your budget. We offer free consultation and an automatic discount for all new customers.

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