Category - Ancestry Research

Ancestry research usually begins with you starting your family tree. Once you’ve added your name to the tree, then begin by adding your immediate family. Remember, your immediate family often holds the key to starting a successful family history project.

Record the memories of your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sibling, and cousins as you start building your family tree. As you continue adding new family members you will quickly discover how easy it to complete ancestry research.

At some point you are going to hit a road block or also referred to as a genealogy brick wall. Not to worry, continue searching in a different family branch. The goal is to complete as much of your ancestry research by yourself as possible.

Find free tools and resources on the web to help you with your search. When you’ve exhausted all resources and you can no longer find any more records for your ancestry tree you will need to find help. We, at Record Click, want to be your resource, your aid, your means to passing your brick wall and solving the next piece of your puzzle.