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Join our team of professional genealogists. If you’re in search of a genealogy job that offers you the flexibility to work from home or any where else in the world and on your time schedule, then we are a perfect fit.

Record Click partners with genealogists, geneticists, archivists, and historians worldwide to offer customers the ability solve their genealogy. If your good at ancestry research than an ancestry careers awaits you here. Ancestry jobs, or genealogy research jobs, are in high demands here at Record Click so we encourage you submit your application quickly.

If you’re looking for an ancestry job at researching family trees, you’re at the right place.

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Have a look at our teams page and you’ll quickly discover that we work with professionals all across United States, Canada, and around world. Genealogy is not local so why hire and constrain you to a local environment.

Work from home, work from the library, work from anywhere; we’re focused on your results not your location.

We work with genealogists, geneticists, archivists, and historians worldwide and would love to work with you. Explore available genealogy careers and jobs, and work for the highest-rated research firm!