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Finding a genuine genealogist for accurate family history research requires stringent considerations and a clear understanding of where to look.

With the surge of online sites and individuals emerging as family history researchers, it has become imperative to understand the checkmarks of a genuine expert who can meticulously weave together the threads of your ancestry.

Read on to discover the characteristics that define a bona fide genealogist and the crucial steps you must take to uncover your ancestry with unwavering authenticity.

Key Takeaways

  • A genuine genealogist is trained and experienced while amateur researchers conduct family research as a hobby.
  • DIY genealogy may seem enticing, but you will likely fall prey to the Illusion of Ancestry Research, Research Complexity and difficulty Solving the Puzzle.
  • Grab the free consultation opportunity at RecordClick and embark on this captivating journey with a reliable genealogy expert.

What Defines a Genuine Genealogist?

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A genuine genealogist is trained and experienced in ancestral lineage and history. However, amateur researchers conduct family research as a hobby.

Here’s a sneak peek into what sets expert researchers apart from amateur researchers

  1. Education Background: expert researchers have honed their skills through extensive education and acquired several formal degrees and certifications in the field.
  2. Expert Methodologies: Professional genealogists follow a systematic research methodology to gather, verify, and cross-reference ancestry data.
  3. Specializations: An expert will have specific regions, such as Irish genealogy, German genealogy, or periods they specialize in. This helps them gather the relevant records and better understand the relevant nuances.
  4. Access to Resources: A genuine family history researcher has access to vast historical databases, archives, resources, and networks that an amateur may struggle to get.
  5. Ethical Standards: A professional is guided by strict ethical guidelines prioritizing integrity, accuracy, and privacy.

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Qualifications and Expertise to Look for In a Professional Genealogist

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Besides the factors highlighted above, other qualifications to check include the following;

  1. Accreditation: Your choice should have relevant credentials, including certification from reputable organizations like the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen) or the Board for Certifications of Genealogists (BCG).
  2. Experience: A genuine researcher must show a positive track record of research projects that qualify them to handle complex assignments.
  3. Sample Work: Ask them to supply sample research findings and case studies that portray their research skills and data presentation.
  4. Reviews and Testimonials: Search testimonials and reviews about the genealogist to gauge their effectiveness and professionalism.

Finding a genealogist who ticks all these boxes allows you to confidently embark on your genealogy journey, waiting to unveil your heritage.

Advantages Of Hiring an Expert to Unlock Your Ancestral Legacy

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Consulting professionals helps easily overcome the numerous challenges of the research process.

Here are the benefits you enjoy when you yearn for a genuine genealogist

  • Professional Advantage: When you hire an expert genealogist, you leverage their expertise, specializations, systematic methodologies, and access to exclusive resources. Besides, an expert unearths hidden gems that help fill missing pieces and paint a vivid portrait of your family tree.
  • Time-Effectiveness: Above all, an expert focuses solely on your genealogy which is a great deal in streamlining the process and saving time.
  • Identity and Belonging: Genealogy helps discover your family history, values, inherited traits, cultural traditions, and a connection to your past and present.
  • Healing and Closure: If you’re searching for answers to unresolved family mysteries or locate heirs and beneficiaries of an estate, authentic family history information provides healing and closure.
  • Preserving Legacy: A well-researched and presented ancestry research can be easily preserved for future generations.
  • Cultural and Historical Understanding: When you get accurate genealogy research from a genuine genealogist, you enrich your understanding of your historical and cultural context. This way, you appreciate the society in which your ancestors lived.
  • Strengthening Bonds: Family research findings unveil shared familial connections, which result in strong family bonds.

DIY genealogy may seem enticing, but you will likely encounter the following hurdles.

The Illusion of Ancestry Research

The internet is flocked with information, making amateurs believe they can conduct in-depth research independently. However, much of the data readily available online may be misleading and erroneous.

Research Complexity

Research on your ancestry takes time and requires extra focus when examining historical records, deciphering and cross-referencing complex data. A researcher can only guarantee authentic findings with the proper education, experience, and certification.

Solving the Puzzle

Genealogy is twisty. DIY genealogists may misinterpret information and miss critical links resulting in incomplete or inaccurate family trees.

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Considerations When Hiring a Genealogist

Considerations When Hiring a Genealogist


Before you hire a family history researcher, be sure they match all your preferences. Here are the considerations you should make;

  1. Expertise and Specializations: Check whether your ancestry research requires a genealogist with expertise in specific geographic regions or periods.
  2. Research strategy: Inquire about their methodology, sources, and data presentation to see if it will fit your intention and help you grasp your family narrative. Most importantly, you can review work samples to gauge the researcher’s professionalism and quality of work.
  3. Cost: Knowing the costs associated with working with the genealogist helps you plan your budgets accordingly. Therefore, it’s imperative to clarify the fees and payment terms upfront.
  4. Adherence to Ethical Guidelines: Accurate ancestry results emanate only from strict adherence to ethical standards that requires genuine players to avoid presenting misleading or unverified information.

Privacy, consent, and confidentiality are crucial to ensure your data and genealogy remain safe.

Where To Find Genuine Genealogists and Accurate Family History

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Hire A Genealogist at RecordClick

Fortunately, you have reputable directories, organizations, and online platforms to seek genealogical services and discover your ancestry.

Organizations like BCG and ICAPGen list accredited genealogists, most specializing in geographic and specific periods.

Conferences and seminars, both virtual and in-person, also provide an excellent opportunity to network and find accredited professionals.

You can hire a genuine genealogist at RecordClick for professional genealogy research that meets stringent standards of competence and ethics.

Success Genealogy Tales at RecordClick

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Professional genealogists at RecordClick have succeeded in unearthing complex mysteries and providing accurate ancestry results.

Most of these successes are detailed to prove the experts’ understanding of the intrigues, fun, and surprises in the process.

Our RecordClick genealogist Joan Shurtliff found that the land of New Salem, Illinois is a place recreated to tell the Lincoln story. Joan shows how visiting the places of our ancestors’ lives helps you gain an understanding of who they were and what influenced them.

Our other professional genealogist, Megan, has found some answers in the local Brooklyn newspaper depicting a clear example of how readily available resources can help us connect ancestry dots.

This expert has found that Jane O’Meara Sanders (b. Mary Jane O’Meara, October 8, 1950), wife of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, is an excellent example of someone whose family history details are helped by historic local newspapers.

Another gifted and accredited family historian, Kim, shows the importance of every genealogist, remembering that there are various methods for calculating time around the globe.

Kim visits the case of Kirk Douglas, showing how the Hebrew calendar adds information to the dates of his life.  She notes that part of being a reliable genealogist is placing our ancestors in the correct time and place– no matter which calendar is used.

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Only A Genuine Genealogist Can Guarantee Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount, especially when pursuing your family’s history, and that’s why you must find a professional genealogist.

The specialized knowledge, meticulous research, and ethical conduct of genuine genealogists breathe life into your ancestral roots, fostering a profound connection.

Grab the free consultation opportunity at RecordClick and embark on this captivating journey.