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Family History Research Service

Family history research is done out of necessity and at some point in your lifetime, there’s a good chance that you may be bitten by the genealogy bug, and feel compelled to trace your family history.

It may be a school project, your first baby, or a memorial to a family member that will prompt you to consider how important it is to trace family tree, not just for your own gratification, but as a gift to those family members who are a part of your family.

Sometimes all it takes is finding a wedding certificate, a photograph, or a birth announcement tucked away in a drawer, or  yellowing between the pages of a scrapbook to pique your interest and spur you to trace family history – even it is just to satisfy your curiosity.

What ever happened to Aunt Alice? What side did my ancestor fight for in the Civil War? Who are those people in the picture? Do I have a Patriot Ancestor who fought in the American Revolution?

For whatever reason you want to trace family history, your interest and curiosity is normal. Researching your family tree can help explain to a great extent who you are, as well as, why you are the way you are. Whether it is explaining a family trait, or a genetic or medical predisposition, your family tree may very well hold answers, not only for you but for your descendants.

Who had red hair in the family? Did any of my ancestral family excel in music? Does cancer run in my genes?

So, when you trace family tree, it’s far from a selfish act; it’s also a legacy to the rest of the family. Whether you are a close-knit family or even estranged, if your relatives live in close proximity or are spread out around the globe, once you start to research, this  action can trigger interest among other members of your family, and draw everyone closer together – whether it be physically or cyber closeness.

Once you make that decision to trace your family, you then have a number of creative outlets to present and share the family tree. You may decide to create an actual scrapbook for your descendants, choose to go the electronic route and scan photographs for online access, or have a professional family archive firm secure your family memorabilia in perpetuity. Because a movie can be so powerful, you may also  choose to have a professional production company create a video tribute to your family that tells the story of your family history tree, and can be viewed and enjoyed for years to come.

There are many possibilities when it comes to doing a genealogy trace, and creating your family tree. No matter what your journey, it begins with that desire to trace your family history back in time. Whether you decide to trace your ancestors’ lives via the Internet, or trace through hard-copy records, you are stepping back in history and developing a relationship with those family members who have gone before you. You may start to trace your family history by interviewing living members of your family to get dates and locations, so that you can continue to trace your lineage in other ways.

You are providing your descendants with their family tree, for which they will likely be very appreciative. In turn, your descendants may continue to trace family history, even after you are gone. This gift to your family can give you a feeling that you have provided an extraordinary foundation on which your descendants may continue to nurture your family history tree forever.

Each journey to trace history is different. You will take the path destined for you. However, if you do hit a proverbial genealogy brickwall in your search, consider calling Record Click. Everyone needs a little help now and again to trace family history. We’re here for you.

We can customizes your family search for the genealogical research you need, for your time frame, and for your budget. Contact us today to get started.