Accuracy of Genealogical Research is dedicated to providing comprehensive genealogical research services to our clients. It is essential to understand that genealogical research is inherently dependent on historical records, and as such, the accuracy of our conclusions is contingent upon the accuracy of the original documents available.

Limitations and Considerations:

  1. Reliance on Historical Records: Our research relies on historical records, which may vary in accuracy and completeness. We strive to use credible sources, but the limitations of historical documentation should be acknowledged.
  2. Subject to Interpretation: Genealogical research often involves interpretation of historical records, and different researchers may arrive at varying conclusions based on the same information.
  3. Incomplete Information: Some genealogical records may be incomplete, damaged, or missing crucial details. In such cases, our researchers make reasonable efforts to bridge gaps, but accuracy is subject to the limitations of available data.
  4. Unverified Information: Certain facts about individuals or families may be based on unverified sources or family lore. While we make efforts to corroborate information, the absence of clear sourcing may impact the reliability of some details.

No Guarantee of Perfection:

It is important to recognize that genealogical research does not guarantee perfection or absolute accuracy. Historical uncertainties, variations in record-keeping practices, and the passage of time contribute to the inherent challenges in achieving flawless results.

Client Understanding:

By engaging our services, clients acknowledge the inherent limitations and uncertainties associated with genealogical research. We recommend using our findings as a foundation for further exploration and understanding that new information may emerge over time.

Consultation and Collaboration:

We encourage clients to communicate openly with our researchers, providing additional family information, context, and insights that may enhance the accuracy of the research.


While we strive for the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism, cannot guarantee the absolute precision of genealogical research due to the nature of historical records. Clients engage our services with an understanding of these inherent limitations.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact us.