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How Did Native American Heritage Month Begin

The Native American Heritage Month is a national month-long celebration that was established to recognize, Honor and celebrate all indigenous people. In November 1990, President George H.W Bush was the first president to officially rezone the importance of heritage, ancestry and showcased efforts to promote the love for all American inhabitants, regardless of where they originated from.

The month was dedicated to all indigenous people who flourished the country with vibrant cultures. From generation to generation, these people handed down invaluable traditions and rich cultural knowledge which continued to affect the country today. The special month was a way of honoring and celebrating the importance of such people in the American history as well as the entire world.

A Few Years Back . . .

Before the Native American Heritage Month was officially recognized, these second Saturday of Mau 1916 was the day that changed history as we know it, Dr. Arthur C. Parker, Seneca, who was an early proponent of the American Day persuaded the boy scouts of American to set aside a special day that will Honor the first Americans. In 1915, the Congress of the American Association approved a plan concerning this day in a meeting at Laurence, Kansas.

The president of the association, Rev. Sherman Coolidge urged the country to observe a special day for all Native Americans during the second Saturday of each month of May.

However, this was not nationally proclaimed. When President George Bush was inaugurated into office, there was no official record of the National recognition of the holiday. Therefore, he took the opportunity to legalize the Heritage Month and a senate seating proposed that it should be celebrated in November. The president emphasized the importance of heritage as an important part of us that cannot be forgotten.

According to him, remembering individual heritage makes us great because everyone has something different to offer. The significance of the Native American Heritage Month Apart from celebrating all aspects of Native American culture, the Heritage Month also has the following significance:

a) Observing Rich Traditions of Native Americans

With Native Americas of all ancestries, it is easy to learn about the diverse culture, history and unique traditions. The Native American Heritage month offers the opportunity for everyone to learn about language, housing, dressing, food and other important traditions that define indigenous people. When the entire country indulges in such traditions, a sense of togetherness is observed.

b) Education About the Native American Culture

Learning about culture allows individuals to co-exist and embrace each other. During the month, Native Americans themselves find out more about culture. Not only is this important for self-reflection but it also strengthens the values and beliefs that affect daily lives by promoting responsibilities towards one another. This reflects the sole purpose of the Heritage Month and how it has redefined culture as we know it.

c) Important Role Native Americans have played in US History

Native Americans played a big role in the United States revolution. The Heritage month highlights this and teaches the importance of patriotism, good choices and value for the homeland. The influences of indigenous people affected how the nation is recognized by their nations. It has also brought about a sense of interaction like no other. The month digs deep into history and ensures that the world appreciates Native Americans for their contribution to history.

d) Identifying the Importance of Indigenes Perspectives

Embedding indigenous perspectives will enhance the educational experiences of non-indigenous people. The month has made it possible for individuals to recognize the struggles that exist within the country and its implications.

e) Multicultural Engagement

The month brings different people together, through events, dialogue, and encouragement to participate in different cultures. This promotes acceptance among different individuals. It also proves that despite being from different backgrounds, we can all add value to each other’s lives.

This special Heritage Month offers knowledge of the past and wisdom of the future. It enables the country to measure up its awareness of Native American influences in U.S. history and culture. In doing this, the nation as a whole will be able to expand their vision of a people whose wisdom affects the generations of Americans from age to age. The month marks one of the best history and special observances in the United States of America.