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All packages include:

1. Full report of findings and their sources,
2. A time-log report,
3. Copy of all records, with translation if applicable,
4. Updating of your Ancestry family tree, with your permission,
5. Printed version of all found records, if needed (mailing charges apply).

General Genealogy Pricing

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General Genealogy Research
5 Hour Research Package
Only for 1 or 2 local record search.
$695 (includes Money Back Guarantee)[Order Now]
10 Hour Research Package
3 to 5 gens on both sides on new trees.
$995 (save $195 - don't miss out)[Order Now]
20 Hour Research Package
Recommended for international research.
$1,795 (save $585 - don't miss out)[Order Now]
* Note - Pricing listed in USD and are subject to change without notice.

Competitor’s Pricing

Why pay more for the same results? Our team of genealogy experts are qualified to solve your genealogy research needs.

5 Hour Package10 Hour Package20 Hour Package
RecordClick.com$695 (includes Money Back Guarantee)$995 (save $195)$1,795 (save $585)
progenealogists.comNot Offered$2,500$5,000
heirlines.comNot Offered$2,200$3,800
legacytree.comNot OfferedNot Offered$6,000

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Heir/Probate Case Pricing

No hidden or percentage-based fees. Plus, our case reports are court approved ready.

Heir/Probate Genealogy Research
12 Hour Heir/Probate Package
Professional research with court approved documents.
* Note - Heir Search Pricing Only - You will be assigned a team of experts for your project.

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