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Prove Your Native American by DNA Testing

Getting legally recognized as a Native American is different depending on the community as well as the requirements for becoming an enrolled citizen or member of the said community. For many, the idea of Native Americans and their heritage has always been a source of mystery. With countless debates over the accuracy of their legacy, and where they came from, using a Native American DNA Test may be the most reliable way for most individuals to prove their heritage.

Often, the real mystery usually lies within the journey of the Native Americans and how they ended up in the country. By DNA testing, scientists can be able to prove family histories, trace genetics and also determine how different relationships came into play.

This breakthrough of science is highly valuable for historians and genetic scientists. Here is everything there is to know about using DNA to prove you are Native American:

The Importance of DNA Testing

A DNA Test is helpful in determining an individual’s genetic background in relation to the Native American genes. When confirming your ancestry, the initial step is to conduct an autosomal DNA test. This a wholesome test that gives a better chance of proving your descent. Native American genealogy can be complicated and help is available. Just click here for more information.

Genetics may not be able to establish this legally, since a majority of Native tribes and communities may not accept DNA test results for enrollment. However, testing will help in guiding you towards which legal action to pursue.

DNA tests results can also give you the answers that you need. They may reveal that you are not of Native American Ancestry. This will ensure that you do not waste time in locating ancestors who do not exist.

If you are truly interested in your family’s background and heritage, a Native American DNA Test can also enable you to begin your search for documentation of those connections. The well-documented connection of your lineage will shed light on the search for information regarding your ancestry.

DNA Tests That Prove Native American Ancestry

There are three tests that can be done to prove Native American Ancestry. They include.

Y-Line DNA

This test usually determines paternal line testing for males. The DNA testing lets you know if you have a male genealogy. The result can be gotten when your DNA is compared to another testing participant of the same descent.

Mitochondrial DNA

This Native American DNA test is for determining a direct maternal line. As mitochondrial DNA is usually inherited by the children from their mother only, it is easy to establish the family tree DNA.

Autosomal Testing

This DNA test will complete the rest of your history. This is because it tests all 23 pairs of chromosomes that you inherit from both your parents. It will make determining your Native Ancestry easy.

It is possible to reach out to genetic relatives and work out your common DNA ancestry through DNA testing companies. Autosomal results will always help you to determine whether you share a common ancestor or not. Be ready to continue looking for more people to take DNA tests until you gather information about your ancestry.

The Challenge of Using DNA Test to Determine Your Ancestry

There are Native American DNA Tests fail because they cannot account for migration of people from their recent homeland. Present-day genetic testing patterns may not be identical to what existed a few years ago.

With the recent mix of worldwide population, the relationship between genetic and cultural heritage is a bit hard to determine. Unfortunately, there are people who may not necessarily believe in them.

For instance, an individual who was adopted by an Italian family and raised as Italian, despite not being genealogically related to the family will die believing that they are Italian.

A Native American DNA Test may not necessarily change these thoughts. Many people believe that ancestry is not a bloodline, it simply is a legacy.


Do not get discouraged. You can learn a lot about your ancestry from your DNA. A clear genetic analysis may not be the key to who you are, however, it is a worthy tool in your ancestry toolkit.

It can be used productively to test for genealogical hypothesis and change the way you pay homage to the culture and the lifestyle that was stripped from your descendants. DNA testing allows you to peer into your past.