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Genealogy research services by professional credentialed genealogists.

Record Click’s diverse genealogy services team includes Accredited, Credentialed, Professional, and experienced genealogists who can help you to  break open your family tree to reveal your unique family history. Ask Record Click’s full time researchers about your ancestors around the world, geographical migrations, marriages, affairs of the heart, medical family tree, death records, land deeds, assets, and much more. Record Click customizes your family search for the genealogical research you need, for your time frame, and for your budget.

We founded the company because you had questions about family tree research. You told us you:

• Needed a Family Tree, but were afraid the cost would be out of your reach.
• Didn’t know enough about genealogy to even ask the right questions, so you never started.
• Wondered how someone like you could ensure accuracy in an ancestry search.
• Only had one issue, and assumed that was too small a job for a genealogist.
• Were aging, and wanted to connect the dots from your family history for your children.
• Had tried for years to find family, and build a family tree, and had given up, almost.

Trace Family Tree

“We knew we could bring completion to those sensing there was unfinished business with their  family history. Having experience in adoption, and having to use the latest in DNA genealogy testing to provide the desired answers about the family tree, has helped us understand the needs of adoptees.   Additionally, our professional background combines years in genealogy and ancestry research, with experience operating successful global enterprises.” “It was no surprise that we eventually assembled a team of world class  genealogists, that includes accredited, credentialed, and experienced professional genealogists, and founded genealogy boutique Record Click. “

As a result, you can now get customized, cost efficient, genealogical research:

• Genealogy done your way. Ancestry Lookups, Genealogy Search, Family Tree, or Find Family.
• Communicate your way, with real people who care, through phone, Skype, e-mail, and in-person.
• Track your ancestry project’s progress on Record Click’s proprietary project management system.
• Go Green, with low carbon footprint using a paperless office system.

Record Click’s Ancestry Research

Record Click’s genealogical research for the genealogy answers you need is strategic. Not abstract or standardized. Record Click’s unique methodology saves you frustration, time, and money, when completing your family tree and documenting your family history.