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Even with all the genealogical research resources available online, the inevitable “brick wall” moment cannot be prevented, even for the most seasoned family history researcher. When that happens, the best thing a genealogical researcher can do is contact a reputable genealogy ancestry service that offers a comprehensive roster of genealogy services. RecordClick is the company for you for so many reasons. Here are just a few.


Research Services for Large and Small Projects


RecordClick offers customized searches. Its genealogy services are appropriate for all sizes and types of ancestor search projects. Record Click is perfect for people who need a specific question answered or record retrieved, unlike its competitors, who handle only large-sized projects and charge high minimum project fees. It is also perfect for projects requiring a deeper dive for more extended and comprehensive results. The following genealogy services represent a small selection of our professional genealogy research services.


Expert Domestic and International Genealogy Researchers


RecordClick’s Ancestor Search Specialists are located throughout the world and can help you resolve tough questions regarding family genealogy mysteries. RecordClick’s genealogical researchers cover not only the U.S., but extend their genealogy services to a number of European countries, as well as Canada and Argentina. The company’s headquarters is strategically located on the East Coast, providing proximity to immigration documentation.


Forensic Genealogy and Family Tree DNA


Some situations require you to provide documentation that is held to a stricter policy of proof, such as verifying heirs and beneficiaries for veterans’ and pension benefits, supplying evidence for probate and estate cases, solving adoption cases, or locating the next-of-kin for unclaimed decedents.

The latest research in the genealogist’s tool kit is DNA genealogy. Sometimes DNA testing is the only way to solve a genealogy puzzle. Through its affiliation with Family Tree DNA, RecordClick makes DNA testing kits available to its online customers who are tracing ancestry. World renowned genetic genealogy researchers offer consultations to test-takers and provide help in translating results.


Find Biological Parents


RecordClick’s genealogy services assist you with your journey in finding birth parents. Its expert genealogical researchers, some of whom have first-hand knowledge of adoption, specialize in sensitive searches by using a combination of traditional genealogical research methods in combination with forensic genealogy applications, including DNA genealogy testing. Family Tree DNA can answer questions about an adoption.


Solutions for Unique and Diverse Projects


Perhaps you are searching for living or lost relatives, trying to find legal heirs for land or pension benefits, considering dual citizenship by jus sanguinis, feeling curiosity over the ethnic proportions of your ancestry, or hoping to find biological children – RecordClick handles these sorts of unique and diverse searches.


Information Lookup and Document Retrieval


RecordClick’s genealogical record lookup and retrieval services include, but are not limited to, baptismal records, death indexes, land deeds, marriage certificates, military records, obituaries, parish records, probates, social security death records, and wills.


RecordClick Genealogy Services Available


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