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Record Click is a leader in providing a complete offering of genealogy services. Our specialists in genetic genealogy will help you trace family history through DNA genealogy testing and analysis. We conduct family search genealogy research using a wide range of genealogical research packages that will best help you as you trace family history. We make it easy for you to hire a professional genealogist to assist in building your family tree. Family search genealogy is no longer relegated to dogging a paper trail or document retrieval; it now incorporates forensic genealogy, which includes genetic genealogy to help trace family history. DNA genealogy can reveal the ethnic proportions of your ancestry; the history of your ancient human migration; your ancestral homeland; the locations of living relatives; and confirm your existing research.
No matter how large or small your genealogical research project is, RecordClick can help you. We customize your family search genealogy for the genealogical research you need, making sure it fits your time frame, as well as your budget.
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Why Record Click

Record Click's Professional Genealogists Can

  • Advise You on Dual Citizenship by Jus Sanguinis
  • Apply Forensic Genealogy Practices for Projects Requiring More Stringent Documentation
  • Assist in Finding Biological Children
  • Assist in Finding Birth Parents
  • Create a Genealogy Tree (aka "family tree")
  • Deliver Results for Affordable Prices
  • Help You Break Through a Genealogical Brick Wall
  • Offer A Holistic Approach to Ancestor Search
  • Produce a Video Legacy of Your Family
  • Provide Genetic Genealogy Analysis by DNA Genealogy Experts
  • Solve International Ancestor Search Mysteries Using Researchers Located Globally
  • Trace Family History

Genealogy Services

RecordClick's Genealogy Services

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