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Quentin, our skilled and experienced professional researcher, an author, a film and video producer, a businessman, and a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) case officer.
With his University of Utah degree and his work in the intelligence community gave him a deep knowledge of research and investigative techniques that he has continued to use him in later years. He has been an avid private investigator and professional genealogical researcher for over 40 years and has handled cases for more than 200 clients in more than 30 countries.
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Family History Researcher
Joyce, our 40+ year veteran professional researcher has been accredited by the Family History Library and by ICAPGEN in Isle of Man and English genealogy research since 1992. In addition, she is extremely knowledgeable in Irish, Scottish, U.S. and other genealogical searches.
Well experienced in genealogy, family history, and tracing roots. She is an extremely effective researcher and often ask for by name by new customers.
Joyce credits genealogy research with keeping her "sane" and staving off Alzheimers.
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Genealogist for Hire
Kim, is a gifted family historian and an internationally respected qualitative researcher with an interest in social history. She has conducted genealogical research for over 20 years and as professional for the past 10 years.
Kim has a doctoral degree in the social sciences and a post-graduate diploma in genealogical studies. Having a Metis heritage, she has a significant interest in Metis, Native American, French-American/Canadian, Creole and early American/Canadian genealogy.
Customers describe Kim as a problem solver.
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"I was more than thrilled with Record Click. It really gave me a taste of what you can develop over Tony Robbins Genealogythe course of the year. I was very excited to move forward with you. Thank you and thank your team for the crazy deadlines and the quality of the work. I loved the colors, the pictures, the flow, the visuals; the whole experience was really really fantastic. I look forward to working with you further. Again, please thank your team." -- Sage and Tony ROBBINS (audio file)
"I am so grateful to have found Record Click to do the extensive family history research project Dan Ashley Genealogy that I was looking to complete. The research that was done on my behalf was thorough and absolutely first-rate and the people who helped me could not have been more professional and more pleasant to work with. Overall, it’s been just a wonderful and productive experience and I am thrilled with what we accomplished." -- Dan Ashley - ABC 7 News
"I am thrilled. In two time slots you have discovered what various members of my family have been William Kinsella Genealogy searching for for a hundred years .here was endless misinformation about, the worst being that we believed until just a year or so ago that my grandparents were the ones who came from Ireland" -- William Kinsella - Author of Field of Dreams
"James Perloff Genealogy Thanks so much for your assistance with my project. You uncovered information that I thought might be impossible to find, and in doing so helped resolve an historical mystery." -- James Perloff - Author of The Shadows of Power

"Great and thank you. Please pass on my thanks to the researcher. It looks very complete and pleased. We will keep you on the top of our list for future projects." -- Joe Soldis Private Investigator
"I needed to find out my father's maternal lineage for the sake of a land issue. He is part Menominee Indian and I needed to determine the percentage. I did an internet search for a company area and found "Record Click". I contacted them and received a personal call. The word "personal" or better "personalized" is what I would use to describe the experience with Record Click. They listened to my needs and tailored their search and findings to my individual requirements. I would recommend them to friends and family interested in genealogy issues and plan to use them again to do a comprehensive family tree for my children." -- Joe Deer, Macomb, MI
"I have been in shock and awe, absolutely speechless! I have been sitting here for several hours, despite the late hour, pouring through the documents you posted, and I can hardly believe what I am reading. The WV Court Order listing family heirs will serve very well as a primary resource in place of the 1805 record we initially sought. Thank you! I must also add that I am so grateful that you did not give up despite my disappointment about the elusive 1805 record. In the end, you offered more than I asked for, and that is very impressive customer service. Again, I am so incredibly impressed with your work. You offer the best in quality and attention to your clients. I couldn't ask for better service or results." -- L Gellert, IN
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Record Click is a leader in providing a complete offering of genealogy services. Our family history researchers will help you trace family tree through DNA testing and analysis. We conduct family genealogy research using a wide range of genealogical research packages that will best help you as you trace family history. We make it easy for you to hire a professional family tree researcher to assist in building your family tree. Family search genealogy is no longer relegated to dogging a paper trail or document retrieval; it now incorporates forensic genealogy, to help trace family history. DNA genealogy can reveal the ethnic proportions of your ancestry; the history of your ancient human migration; your ancestral homeland; the locations of living relatives; and confirm your existing research.

No matter how large or small your research project is, RecordClick can help you. We customize the package you need, making sure it fits your time frame, as well as your budget.

Call (866) 632-9291 now or contact us for a free genealogy tree review, as well as a free initial consultation with one of RecordClick's professional genealogists. You can also click here to learn more about the cost of professional genealogist research packages.
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  • Advise You on Dual Citizenship by Jus Sanguinis
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  • Assist in Finding Biological Children
  • Assist in Finding Birth Parents
  • Create a Genealogy Tree (aka "family tree")
  • Deliver Results for Affordable Prices
  • Help You Break Through a Genealogical Brick Wall
  • Offer A Holistic Approach to Ancestor Search
  • Produce a Video Legacy of Your Family
  • Provide Analysis by Experts
  • Solve International Ancestor Search Mysteries Using Researchers Located Globally
  • Trace Family History
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