7 Ways on How to Find a Professional Genealogist

find a professional genealogist

Researching your family tree can be challenging as well as time-consuming. In addition to this, when you do not know what you are looking for, it can also be time-consuming. Worry not! If the process gets overwhelming, the best thing to do is seek the services of a professional genealogist.

You can be certain that the expert has the knowledge to seek the information that you need. Looking for comprehensive information about your origin or ancestors? Here are 7 ways on how to find a professional genealogist:

A Professional Genealogical Society

Many reputable genealogists join societies such as the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG). There are also local state genealogical societies that allow the professional to network with others as well as showcase their expertise.

Information seekers believe that genealogists on a professional society are more qualified to handle family history research. They also use it as a baseline to determine what the professional will deliver.

On the societies, you will always find it easy to choose the genealogist with the highest level of qualification. This is certainly the most reputable way on how to find a professional genealogist.

Genealogy Interest Groups

These groups are often headed by seasoned genealogists. Once you subscribe to such groups, you will not only have the opportunity to interact with top-notch professionals but you will also be able to participate in interesting genealogy talks, ask relevant questions and equally receive advice.

Therefore, you can contact the best genealogist among the group and inquire about your challenging research project. This will give you the confidence to know that your project is being handled by the best. However, it is important to know that the services of a highly qualified professional are more costly than those of budget genealogists.

Library, Archives or Resource Center Researcher Lists

Information resource centers like libraries and archives often provide a great list of researchers, including the best genealogist experts. While this is a good way for the professional to advertise their research services, it also gives you an opportunity to seek more information about them.

You can also ask for recommendations from the information professionals in case you cannot decide on the best professional.

If you do not find the relevant information on physical catalogs, always go an extra mile to use the online catalogs in efforts to find the right genealogist for your task. For specific searching tips, always ask for assistance from the staff at an information repository.

How to Find a Professional Genealogist Blogs

A majority of professional genealogists keep their business going using their blogs. By looking for famous genealogy blogs, you will easily find qualified professionals. They are not shy about sharing their knowledge and letting you know that they have the relevant skills to handle any research project.

Using blogs is the best way on how to find a professional genealogist. Apart from general genealogy information, blogs also comprise of research results, latest projects and genealogy findings.

Through the research articles here, you will find it easy to determine the professional’s capability to handle your project. Remember, genealogists are professionals who are well-connected, therefore, you may be able to interact with many professionals through a single blog.

Professional Websites

This is a reliable way to find a professional genealogist. Just like any other professionals, genealogists also advertise their services through websites. Their extensive research services can be defined here.

Websites also give the professional the opportunity to highlight their expertise. For instance, if you are looking for Native American History genealogist, you do not want to hire a professional who specializes in Black History or Human Genetics. Thus, a website will make it easy for you to know whether the genealogist will meet your needs. As such, you will broaden your search. A genealogy website makes it easy to find the professional who is most suitable for you.

Social Networks Searches

With the advancement of the internet, it is only expected for savvy genealogists to make their way to the best social network sites. Different social platforms have proven an amazing marketing tool for many experts in the field.

On platforms such as Facebook, you can search for Genealogy and find a page that lists highly qualified genealogists near you, as well as their contact information. There are also sites such as WikiTree and WeRelate that will keep you updated on different aspects of genealogy.

The biggest benefit of conducting social network searches in the fact that they do not consume time or resources. They are the cheapest way on how to find a professional genealogist.

Colleague Referrals

Referrals or word of mouth have always been a good way on how to find a professional genealogist. If you seek the services of a professional who has already worked with a friend or colleague then you have a better chance of knowing what to expect as far as their services are concerned.

Online referrals have also been a proven way to find a variety of professional genealogists depending on the level of qualification that you seek. For example, joining an online email group will give you an opportunity to discuss the best researcher, their price points and how they previously performed based on those who have worked with them before.

The group members will also make recommendations and advise you on the hiring process. As such, you will end up with the best professional for the job.

The Bottom Line

Granted, there are thousands of professional genealogists out there but finding the best one for you requires a bit of research. By using the aforementioned ways, you can always contact the expert that will confidently handle your family history research.

Whether you are looking online or physically searching through a resource center, remember that a reputable professional always has positive references. Preferably, they should have worked with numerous other clients and produced satisfactory results.

Needless to say, experience is always a solid starting point who it comes to finding a genealogist.