10 Tips for Family Tree Research in Australia

family tree research in Australia

Family tree research in Australia is a rewarding and exciting experience. Finding out who your ancestors were, what they did for a living or even where they lived can provide an immaculate sense of connection with your Australian history.

While having British ancestors is common, finding them through family tree research in Australia can be somewhat difficult. But this should not be cause for alarm. Our professionals have got you covered.

Ready to start digging? The reality is that the roots of your family tree are within reach. Here are our top 10 tips for researching your Australian family history:

We Conduct Interviews & Dig Deeper

By using a video camera and tape recorder, our genealogists talk to your oldest relatives and find out all that they can about your family origin. Through this interaction, they will let us know what they remember about the key moments in their lives, most especially their childhood. This will also enable us to find out if your family emigrated either to or from Australia. This way, we will easily establish your origin in ways that only we know how.

We Collect Family Records

We gather copies of important records such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates. This makes it easy to confirm the accuracy of family stories that may suggest you hail from Australia. We do not stop until we establish all the facts that are related to your family history.

We Connect with Other Genealogists

There are many local historical societies that have professionals who spend time digitizing registers, transcribing and going through census records. Our genealogists connect with other researchers in efforts to find accurate information about your family history.

Before coming up with an elaborate family tree research in Australia, we consult all the resources that may be in the hands of these societies. This will allow us to narrow down our search and have an easier time in tracing your ancestors.

We Learn the Lingo

A majority of records comprises of abbreviations and specialist terminology that can be difficult for anyone who is not a professional genealogist to understand. We are highly capable of reading and deciphering such language. The further we go back in tracing your Australian family history, the more arcane and obscure the language becomes.

We familiarize ourselves with common record-keeping terms that could unlock important details regarding your ancestors. It does not matter how many years you need us to go back, we speak all languages.

We use all the Right Resources

In order to confirm or dispel any arising doubts about your family origin, it is important to use all the right resources. We do not leave anything to chance. When it comes to family tree research in Australia, we will go through all the vital data that may relate to your ancestry.

It does not matter if we have to dig through a physical library collection or go online in search of information, we will certainly find out more about your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts as well as other family members. Needless to say, we do not miss out on any important details.

We Reach Out to All Official Genealogy Agencies

It is important to double check all records that are available in city agencies, court houses, and local libraries. You can often find marriage, birth and death records, as well as old wills and property records. If need be, our genealogists will also search for relevant information in national archives. Our goal is to search globally and refine locally.

We Use Maps and Passenger Lists

In the past, your Australian ancestors kept a map with them at all times. They had to get through the borders, historic counties and thousands of parishes. At times, they would end up in various places, even without moving houses.

On the other hand, finding the years of entry on passenger lists is really helpful in finding out more about the family members who came before you and where they came from or migrated to.

We do not Make Assumptions

We do not make any assumptions regarding your ancestors. For instance, if the majority of people got married after the age of 20, we cannot assume that your ancestors also did so during this period. Maybe they did not get married.

They might have gotten a child prior to their marriage. One thing is certain, our genealogists use their expertise to ensure that they only present accurate information. We cover all possible scenarios in our searches.

We use this Information to Create Your Family Tree

Your family tree will bring you one step closer to the answers that you seek. It is a bold step in realizing how your family came to be. By gathering the information above, it is easy to establish your relations and find the missing links from your past that come full circle in your present life.

We Stay Focused

The best genealogists remain focused and are determined to accomplish your research work diligently. With a clear idea of what you are looking for and the value of a family connection, we will lead you to the answers that you seek. Nothing can ever sway us from helping you realize your heritage. We understand that family history is fun and absorbing.

Family Tree Research in Australia Always Available

Talking to your elderly relatives about your Australian family history may not be enough. Sometimes, it is best to let a professional answer all the questions that you may have. Many people wonder where they came from. Your family tree research in Australia is the best place to start.

Genealogy has always provided a fascinating way of understanding who we are. With these tips, we easily uncover all of your forgotten ancestors and even go through all the unusual quirks of history. Do not settle for anything less than extensive information – we are here to ensure that is exactly what you get!