Tracing Your Roots with a Professional Genealogist in Australia

professional genealogist Australia

Tracing your European and North American roots with a professional genealogist in Australia is not difficult at all. If you are just gaining interest in your heritage and are looking to explore how far your roots may go, you may be surprised by how global your history truly is.

While it may sound easy to look up relevant information about your ancestry on various online platforms, a professional genealogist in Australia will conduct local and international research to find out more about your past.

It does not matter how challenging you think the task may be, a professional will always go out of their comfort zone to find the answers that you need.

The Role of a Professional Genealogist

While it is easy to make assumptions about our past and who we are, it is best to confirm everything we have heard about our descendants as we grew up. Although our relatives may embellish or exaggerate certain stories, a genealogist will always put emphasis on true facts that have been documented. Remember, your ancestors in North America and Europe had occupations that were connected to agriculture. To make the process easier, it is best to start from the known to the unknown.

Decide on the Genealogy That You Want To Trace

As early on as you can in your family history research, try to determine whether you want to trace just your father’s ancestors, or perhaps a maternal line, or all your ancestors. This will make it easy for the professional to take on the project in a specific sense.
Here are a few other ways to ensure that you trace your family roots accurately:

Research Your Family Tree Online

In tracing your European or North American roots, the first logical thing for the professional genealogist in Australia to do is to research your family tree online. This will give the best clues about your ancestors as well as where you are from. By plugging in the information that you already have about your family, you will be able to find out much more about your origin.

This way, it is also easy to track down your family lineage and find out an ancestral family member’s location. The professional will provide a clear idea of who you may be related to and where your ancestors resided.

Make a Genealogy Plan

The information on your family tree will lead the professional genealogist in Australia to the furthest corner of Europe or North America. The thought of visiting a new town or country and spending time with possible relatives is an intensive undertaking. Therefore, it is best to first discover the answers that may lie there and determine whether you want to explore further. While a genealogist provides all the relevant information, you are free to decide whether you want to take the next step and make a connection.

Pick a Trip Approach

It is becoming more common for people to venture out into foreign countries in order to piece together the missing parts of their lives. You can work together with the genealogist in picking a trip approach. This will make it easy to decide what you would like to do either in Europe or North America and what their place of residence meant to them. Needless to say, having this connection is thrilling.

Keep Track of Your Trip

If you choose to embark on a self-discovery journey once the professional genealogist in Australia has made his or her findings then do not lose track of the things that you will come across on your trip. It’s best to have a variety of tools that will help you record information that will assist in later searches. Pay special attention to important names, dates, and locations. Also record any new findings that you may make including birth records, various certificates, and medical information and so on.

Tracing Your Genealogy

Tracing Your Genealogy in Barcelona

In the past century, a majority of people hailed from Barcelona and your ancestors could be among them. There are many established resources that will give you general information about these individuals and assist you in making important discoveries about the past. There are also copies of birth, marriage and death records that will help you in tracing your roots. The churches in the areas where your ancestors lived will also let you know where they were buried. This is the first step in tracing your North American or European roots.

Tracing Your Genealogy in London

The National and the Metropolitan are two of the best places to source information about your ancestry. They are must-use resources that will take you back to the middle ages in the most brilliant ways. Through them, a professional genealogist in Australia can get important ancestry information that directly pertains to you.

This will let you know all that you need to about your genealogy. Any of these sources could contain important information about your descendants. Religion was also a big part of life in early centuries, therefore, there are numerous church records that hold the information that you need.

Tracing Your Genealogy Through Slave Ancestral Research

If you think your ancestor ended up in Europe or North America as a result of slavery, then it is best to consult the 1870 U.S. Census. However, not all slaves took the names of their owners, therefore, your ancestors may have retained their own names. A professional genealogist from Australia will always offer relevant assistance in finding information to ensure that you do not hit a brick wall.

To research your enslaved ancestors, review their surname and determine whether it is unusual for their nationality. On the other hand, if your ancestors were listed in the 1860 U.S. census, they were not enslaved.

Conclusion for Professional Genealogist in Australia

Whether you want to know more about your background, want to form a connection with your remaining family members or simply want to learn more about the histories of your deceased family, genealogy research has been proven as a reliable way of uncovering the truth. A professional genealogist will always lead you on the right path.