How to Find a Genealogist in Australia

genealogist australia

Tracing your Australian family history is anything but an easy task. However, when you cannot seem to find the right information may be due to the constraints of living miles away from the country or even dealing with a foreign language, then hiring a genealogist Australia is the way to go.

It does not matter if you come from a small or large family, you have roots and branches that are deeper than your understanding. Remember, your Australian ancestors came from all kinds of geographical areas time periods and certainly belonged to diverse ethnic groups.

It is only a highly qualified genealogist Australia who can confidently handle the research task and provide you with the information that you need. This article is your ultimate guide on how to find a genealogist in Australia.

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Types of Australian Genealogists

Before selecting your genealogist of choice, you should understand that your family research will be conducted internationally and you may have ‘zero contact’ with the professional. Therefore, to go for a genealogist who is highly ranked and can professionally handle the task even if you are not present.

These are the different types of professionals that you will come across in your quest to find a genealogist in Australia:

The Upcoming International Genealogist

This is a professional who knows the basics of Australian genealogy but is not well-versed in his practice. He or she has not had serious or diverse clients and mostly sources for information online. Unfortunately, this professional is not credible enough to work at an international level.

The Hobby Professional Genealogist

This is a genealogist who has extensive experience that comes from researching their own family tree for many years. Unfortunately, they do not have the know-how to overcome genealogy problem or roadblocks that may occur during your family history research.

The Local Genealogist

Although this researcher is based in local Australia, he or she lacks the relevant resources to take on any research work. Therefore, it may be impossible for the professional to provide exhaustive information and will only be of limited help to you. They only draw a research conclusion based on the evidence that is readily available to them.

The Specialist International Genealogist

This professional is considered the best genealogist Australia. With an abundance of expertise and a wealth of information, the professional will perform analysis, prepare various search strategies, consult physical and online information repositories as well as travel across Australia and beyond to find original records pertaining to your heritage.

There is no doubt that this is the ideal international genealogist. He or she is highly experienced and thoroughly carries out their work. However, this is reflected in their research fees. But for the quality information that the professional provides, they are worth top dollar.

Evaluating International Genealogists

Even if you think that you have found the perfect professional who will carry out your Australian genealogy research in the best way, it is highly important to evaluate every professional before hire.

The following considerations will enable you to end up with the best and most qualified professional for the job:

Work Samples

Before hiring a genealogist, it is important to review their work in order to understand what to expect from the end results. Different Australian genealogists use diverse methods to provide the information that you need.
It is equally important to determine the following:

The Genealogist’s Proof of Standard (Gps)

This is a qualification that ensures every international genealogist meet a minimum standard when trying to prove your ancestry. Therefore, the researcher must be exhaustive and use pertinent records that will be highly beneficial to the research process.

Time Efficiency

Needless to say, the genealogist should be capable of utilizing the allotted time efficiently and come up with all the information that you need. This will ensure that you do not exceed your budget in terms of what you will pay. This simply shows the motivation that the professional has to track down clues and end up with relevant findings.

Public Reviews and Testimonials

All international genealogists should showcase their qualifications through positive public reviews as well as testimonials. By utilizing the internet, you can find out their work and find experiences and this will help you determine whether to choose the genealogist Australia. Based on the experience of others, you will find out whether you are making a solid decision. Apart from the professional’s personal website, there are also many other great review sites that will give you insight into your decision.


The best genealogist Australia is often established in a specific region and should have passed several levels of qualifications. They should also be certified and possess the ability to tackle any challenging genealogy research projects. This will only prove that you have chosen the best professional for the job.

Your Personal Requirements

The international genealogist that you choose should meet all of your set requirements. They should be cost-effective, maintain constant communication and be ready to tackle the job diligently in order to meet your desired outcome.

Choosing an international genealogist Australia presents equal opportunities and challenges. However, remember to be confident in your choice because this will determine the kind of end results that you will achieve.

Also be open-minded enough to understand that what you even the best genealogist may not deliver all the information that you seek. When hiring a genealogist, you will only be getting the pledge that a genealogist will use their paid time effectively to look for information in the best way.

Do not let this deter you from embarking on a research that will lead you to your Australian roots. While finding the best person for the job may seem difficult, the end of the process will be well worth it.

When it comes to tracing your Australian genealogy, there is no better time than the present! It is best to go international ad embrace the experience while you still can.