Category - Genealogist

A genealogist is a professional who studies the history of families by tracing the origins and lineages of families and their ties.

Different professional genealogists have different specializations. Their expertise includes discovering people’s ancestries, searching records, testing DNA and interpreting the results.

It could also include deciphering handwritten documents or translating documents written in foreign languages. Primarily, a genealogist provides you with significant information about your family culture, traditions, values, heritage, and medical history.

Specialized genealogist can also reconnect you with lost family members. For example, if you are adopted and you are search for your birth mother or birth father.

Record Click’s genealogists are highly skilled in tracing ancestry. We will locate records to find out your original ancestors through research. Work well done by a genealogist will provide you with accurate and reliable information about your family lineage.

Record Click’s genealogists are located around the world and we work as a team. Regardless of language or location, we can find the records you are searching for.