22 Best Family Tree Makers

best family tree makers

Modern genealogists have their work cut by almost half all thanks to technology. The era of drawn trees is so outdated and tech is where everything is at. Different companies out there are offering genealogy software to help genealogists organize information about ancestors, create ancestry books and reports, and share their findings online.

With the good number of family tree makers available in the market today, as a beginner, you need one that has an simple to use software and one that walks you through the ins and outs of genealogical research. For a family historian, the significance of maintaining a clear, accurate, and organized tree design can’t be underestimated. However, finding a free family tree maker with all these features can be a daunting task.

1. Ancestry: Online Family Tree

With Ancestry.com, discovering your family’s past is easy. You enter all the facts you know about yourself and your family as a starting point. Next, you fill in more details that you can remember and they offer you hints that help you know more about your roots. They have a database of over 12 billion historical records so you are sure to find something interesting regarding your roots and ancestors to help you build your tree. This includes amazing family tree charts where you can even add family photos.

2. Legacy family tree

Legacy family tree is a top rated genealogy software that handles adoption, divorce, and other complicated sections of the normal family tree. They use color coding to make the complex family tree easier to read. The program also syncs with Ancestry.com above and FamilySearch to connect the user with other genealogists. It offers family tree templates showcasing your family story using a family tree diagram with an easy to read family tree design.

3. Family Tree Builder

It is one of the best known and widely used family tree makers and has been around for decades. It provides the user with a complete set of structures that one would expect from such a program and does them nicely. With Family Tree builder, you can use the FamilySync feature which lets you synchronize up to three family trees. You can add photos to make a family tree easier to read and more interactive.

4. Family Tree by Family Search

Family Search is the keeper of the largest collection of genealogy records in the world. Here, everyone works together collaboratively on a giant and shared tree where everyone is free to edit the entries and only a few specific items van be made private. The program has different family tree templates and an individual design for each family tree template.

5. Roots Magic

This is a windows only compatible program with the ability to handle very complex family trees. It includes such as printable reports and the ability to open more than one database at a time. To build your family tree, you can add photos and people going back as far as three or four generations. This makes your family history research accurate and fast.

6. Family Tree Heritage

With Family Tree heritage, you get to connect with FamilySearch, Ancestry, and RootsWeb which gives you access to billions of records. You can also add other sites which is a unique feature other software don’t have. Your free family tree template can have any design you choose for easier data visualization and you can even input photos to make it interactive.

7. My Heritage: Family Tree

My Heritage came up with a free online family tree builder which also provides you with free online family tree search structures for free. They also have billions of international records to help you discover your roots. Maybe you have a family tree design you would love to work on offline. You can download it and send it to your email address for easier access.

8. Findmypast: Family Tree

This online family tree builder helps you easily build a family tree and access it from anywhere. It offers you accurate ancestor search results and also preserves your family history digitally. Their search filters help you narrow down ancestor search results thanks to the genealogy society partners. Getting your family data from their site is simple and you can even add designs or make changes based on your family history findings easily.

9. Family Tree Now

This offers you an exceptional online family tree building experience, it has one of the largest genealogical records collection and with this, you are bound to find some long lost ancestors. Their search is free as well as filling in your family tree and viewing all these details.

10. Crestleaf Family Tree & Timeline

Crestleaf is a family tree collaboration program for families to organize and record their family history. They have a database of 90 million family records in the US making them a leading provider of free genealogical records online. The program has tools that can help you arrange a family reunion or share an idea with family teams online.

11. Ages Online: Internet Family Tree Builder

Made by genealogists for genealogists, this online tool offers secure protection of any genealogists’ research data. It also helps them come up with a better and organized family tree with access to free family records online. It is a nice one if you want to make a family tree with different designs.

12. Famberry

If you are looking for a software that makes it fun to find your roots, Famberry has you covered. It is an online family tree builder doubling as a private family social network. It is an amazing way to share your experiences with family members. You can make a family tree or free family tree templates and designs then share with other people.

13. FacesTree

It provides a pictorial representation of any family. It is an important tool for family historians allowing you to arrange data and also generate reports making the hard to connect family information easier. You can add several individuals to your family tree template before you get to the final designs or you can still add an org chart to help you arrange your family data.

14. DrAlex Familiabuilder

This online family tree maker allows to import videos, pictures, GEDCOM files to help create a secure and appealing family tree website. You can even download your tree template and design then work on it offline.

15. Ancestral Forest

When searching for family information trying to build a family tree using a family tree maker, the ability to build, share, organize, and store your information and findings is very important. This is one of the best features of Ancestral forest.

16. Family Mingle

With Family Mingle, you get to find and organize your family history and make the platform a meeting place once you have enough data. This way, you are able to stay in touch with other family members via features such as event scheduling, and idea message boards.

17. Family Echo

If you are looking for an easy to use family tree maker with the ability to import and export GEDOM files, Family Echo should be on your list.

18. Family Pursuit

The ability to coordinate family research with other family members is an important part of a family tree maker and Family Pursuit helps you do that with ease.

19. LetMeTree

This is a free online family tree maker that is easy to use and has GEDCOM import and export features making it easier to integrate with other programs.

20. Famlu

If you are a family historian who thinks collaborating with other family members via polls, forums, chat and such structures is easier, Famlu has you covered.

21. The Family Link

It is never fun or satisfying to search for your family roots alone. That is why you need a genealogy program that can help you share information with other family members and help you reconnect with relatives which is a great feature with The Family Link.

22. OurStory.com

This is a modern online family tree maker that saves your photos, stories, and videos on a collaborative and shareable timeline.

If you are looking for an ancestor, children, or a long lost relative, all the above family tree makers will help you reconnect with them. With a family tree creator you can connect with genealogists and share with them your findings for better research tactics.