Category - Genograms

Developed through the publication of a book in 1985, Genograms are a reliable source of information in genealogy. This category highlights the graphic representation of a family tree that displays detailed data on relationships among you and others.

This goes beyond the traditional family tree that you may be used to. Genograms allow us to easily identify and understand behavioral patterns that will help us identify your family history. This way, we will not be able to miss out on traits that may not be identified on a pedigree chart.
We take your family history search seriously, therefore, we are ready to use Genograms to ensure that all the relevant information is taken into consideration. Allow us to delve into your genealogy in this interesting way.

Each and every family passes a piece of themselves to their kin. While there are those who pass down beautiful or valuable items, stories, culture, knowledge or belongings, a handful pass down more significant things. Maybe your blue eyes resemble that of your great-grandfather. This priceless feature was passed down to you.