Category - Lineage Societies

Do you think that you have royal blood? Or are you certain that your great uncle was a war veteran? This is not as uncommon as you may imagine.

In past centuries, many families came from a special lineage. As time went by, they inter-married amongst each other and continued on with their family history.

For instance, if you were part of a royal lineage, some heirs of the royal family married down so much that they were no longer royal at all. This does not mean the descendants of the kings and queens of old do not have royal blood flowing through their veins to this day.

Imagine if you are part of such incredible history! Through lineage societies, you can be able to find out whether this is true. Lineage societies are known to welcome these long-lost heirs.

With documentation that connects each generation to the next, we will help you join one or more of the best lineage societies.