Cost And Things To Know About Your Family Tree is a website that is all about family history discoveries and this article is about the cost and advantages. A majority of people have used the website as a way of reuniting with their relatives while others have found photos and momentous of their loves ones. If you are looking for the best ways to connect with your genealogical past, this is the best place to find all the answers that you need. Here is everything you need to know about

Getting Started is a site that is based on subscriptions. It comes with an affordable cost. Users can sign up for the basic non-paying option where they can build a family tree of 250 people with a limit storage space of 500MB. There is also a premium subscription that is billed annually and gives you access to a handful of information about your loved ones as well as your past. is a site that is based on subscriptions.

Types of Family Trees on

There are three types of family trees that you can have access to on this site. They include:

  1. Online tree – This tree can be started directly and can also be viewed and edited online.
  2. GEDCOM tree – This is online tree is not started from scratch. In fact, it is either imported from Family Tree Builder, a genealogy website or a GEDCOM file. Once imported to the site, the details on the tree can also be edited.
  3. Family tree builder tree – This tree is built using desktop software. By installing it on your computer, you can start building your family tree.

Creating Your Family Tree

Needless to say, is the world’s fastest growing for family trees as well as sharing history. The platform will allow you to discover fascinating information about your ancestors. You can create your family tree in the following way:

  • In your account, fill in details about your family members.
  • Fill in relevant information about grandparents. It is best to add as many details as you know as this will bring up many fascinating discovers about your family. If you do not have the relevant information, click on the ‘next’ button and proceed.
  • Add in details about your mother’s and father’s parents
  • Click ‘done’

As you learn more about your family, you can always add information to your family tree.

record searching

Record Search

Tips for Creating Your Family Tree on

Granted, there are many ways to build your family tree but doing it on is much more reliable. The site has a history of tried-and-tested genealogy advice that will always steer you in the right direction. These are the best tips for creating your family tree.

Work backwards

This simply means that you should use the information that you know and work back towards the unknown.

Find out information from living relatives

The best way to work back is by seeking information from family members that are still alive. By asking about your ancestors’ lives and names, you can easily gather important information that will come in handy when building your family tree on

Be bold

When it comes to asking questions, do not hold back. Instead, be bold and ask all the questions that come to mind. Do not end the discussion with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Be interested in your last name

Your last name can say a lot about you. It gives you a sense of origin as well as identity. In efforts to build your family tree, you should use your last name to find out where your family members were born and discover more about them. On a premium membership in cost you will find the answers you are seeking.

Refer to family photos

A picture says a thousand words. By looking back at the photos of your relatives and finding out if any additional names or dates are written on them, you will easily fill all of the blank spaces that may remain on your family tree. Photos often stir up all kinds of forgotten memories.

Do not judge your ancestors too harshly

As you build family tree, you may get to find out different facts about your family members and the things that they indulged in. remember, your departed loved ones were mere human beings too. Also, times were different and they must have had reasons for the lives that they lead.

Take a chance

Genealogy is all about taking a chance on the past. will walk you through the journey that led you to the person that you are today. On the affordable cost, be ready to unveil vast amounts of precious information as well as interesting, old family stories.

Always keep on open mind

As you dig through the lives of your descendants and the choices that they made, then you always need to keep an open mind. This is because you will find out things that contradict what you thought you knew or was told in the past. Be prepared to make discoveries that will surprise you!

Do not jump to conclusions

The worst thing to do when building your family tree on my is to jump to conclusion. Do not rely on second-hand information, always counter check everything with all your other family members.

Trust but verify

Do not automatically believe in everything that you hear from others. Usually, people have different accounts of events that took place in the past. Although people connect individuals to their family tree, it is not always with the best of intentions. Listen to others but ensure that you can find documentation to support their claims.

Double-check your dates

The past is all about dates and timelines. Therefore, watch out for the date order during your research. Make sure that it appears in order to day/month or month/day. However, all the days should be reasonable. For instance, do not connect a 70 year old woman to a child who was just born. This dos not add up.

Be patient and persistence

Finding information about your ancestors requires patience and persistence, therefore, you should never gave up if you experience any roadblocks. In fact, professionals are there to make all of the right clarifications for you. Genealogy is a never-ending process and you should not get frustrated if you do not make the intended breakthrough. You never know where your next level will come from. It may unveil new and exciting details.

Bottom Line acknowledges that finding answers to your pasts has many twists and turns. Despite this, the website is all about embracing your family heritage no matter what it turns out to be. Building your family tree is the first step to getting the truth. Everything from the exhaustive website to the affordable cost makes a platform that is one of a kind.

If you require any assistance with validating your family tree at then we are available for assistance. Our team of professional certified genealogists can make sure that all individuals on the tree are in-fact related to you.