Doctor and Geneticist Tim Janzen Shares His Insight on Genetic Genealogy and DNA Testing in Three-Part Series

Dr. Tim Janzen

The world of genetic genealogy and DNA testing extend much further than just forensics and proving paternity. Dr. Tim Janzen, respected medical doctor and geneticist, uses DNA testing as a complement to genealogical research. In an upcoming three-part series, Dr. Janzen will help us to understand and embrace the processes better.

Photo courtesy of Tim Janzen

Photo courtesy of Tim Janzen

Over the coming days, Record Click will be publishing a three-part series of extremely interesting and informative articles that will help you to understand better about genetic genealogy and DNA testing. Our expert contributing author is Dr. Tim Janzen, a medical doctor and geneticist who has had an interest in genealogical research for more than 35 years, especially in phasing and autosomal DNA analysis. Dr. Janzen supports the use of DNA analysis as a complement to traditional genealogical research. He currently serves as co-administrator of the Mennonite DNA project.

In addition to running a family practice at South Tabor Family Physicians in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Janzen is a consultant to the genetics company 23andMe as one of their Ancestry Ambassadors. He also serves on the ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree Committee.

Dr. Janzen periodically gives presentations on genetic genealogy and also does private genetic genealogy consulting on a case-by-case basis. His other passions include wife Rachel Janzen and their four children.