Category - Hire a Genealogist

To hire a genealogist for your family research depends on the purpose. Are you retrieving records or doing a searching for your coat of arms or family crest. The greater the complexity, the higher the chances of needing a more experienced genealogist.

Thus, to hire a genealogist and to determine the rates for the genealogist will depend on the complexity of the work to be completed and the experience level of the researcher required. Nevertheless, in most cases, budgets can be accommodated based on customer’s needs as most genealogist love the entire research process and hate to turn away any projects.

Do keep in mind that when you decide to hire a genealogist they will charge per hour and an hourly rate may range from $50 to $120. These rates are consistent throughout the industry will be higher with most larger type organizations.

Before starting any project always be sure to gather as much details as possible and get the cost of the project shored before beginning.

Record Click’s hourly rate will depend on your project and the tasks to be completed. Your project rate with our professional genealogists can be as low as $45 per hour.

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