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Given the time of year, professional genealogist Tricia Dingwall-Thompson has taken poetic license with a quote from Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Instead of, “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” Tricia has made a slight change: “If Autumn comes, can Christmas be far behind?” We all know that once September comes, Christmas is around the corner, and thus begins the frantic hunt for the “perfect” gift. Search no more. Tricia is about to tell you about a truly unforgettable genealogy Christmas gift that you can give to your family – a printed Legacy Book. Come genealogy Christmas shopping with RecordClick.

Image courtesy of Tricia Dingwall Thompson

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

~ From Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley

With apologies to Percy Shelley:

If Autumn comes, can Christmas be far behind?

This year, family researchers should consider a unique genealogy gift to share their love of ancestral history with the rest of their relatives, who may be feeling a bit ignored while the family genealogist is obsessively researching the past. The Legacy Book, offered by RecordClick, is a true family heirloom that will be treasured by generations to come, while preserving the earlier generations’ histories.

Consider a genealogy gift card as they make a great Ancestry as a gift

Those family members not addicted to genealogical research generally wonder what the lure is. They may see the piles of old, hard-to-read documents and stacks of file folders and rooms stuffed with 3-ring binders and filing cabinets as a general mess. Too often, when the current family historian passes away, survivors come in to clean out that “mess,” and the research of decades can end up in the trash. Too much of the dedication of past genealogists has been lost this way, but that practice can be RecordClick genealogists create genealogy legacy booksprevented by the production of a Legacy Book.

This product can be customized to fit your needs. Generally, it begins with a 5-generation pedigree page, with the names and vital dates flowing from the lead person back to the 2nd-great-grandparents’ generation.

Following this pedigree page, the next sheet is a family group sheet containing the lead person’s spouse and children, with all dates, much as you would find on a typical family group sheet, but with photographs of the husband and wife, if available.

The next page presents a timeline of the significant events in the individual’s life from birth to the present, if the person is living, or to death, if the individual is deceased. Running across the bottom of the page is an historic timeline of world events that paralleled the person’s life, such as World War I, the Women’s Right to Vote Amendment, World War II, the First Man on the RecordClick genealogists also create genealogy legacy booksMoon, and so forth.

The third part presents the genealogical documents of the lead individual: censuses, birth and marriage certificates, educational and occupational diplomas, award certificates, photographs from various ages—whatever can be scanned can be included.

The following section moves to the lead person’s parents, and presents their family group sheets, timelines, records, and photographs. Censuses are digitized images, the best possible quality for the document, and they have all the crucial information about the given individual pulled out and summarized on the side of the census, so if the small font at the heads of the columns is too small or too faded through the years to read, everything pertaining to that person is written out very clearly on the side. The tops of the pages list the person’s name and the title of the record, such as: “Herbert Yates Smith — 1880 United States Federal Census.”

After the parents’ section comes the grandparents’ section with all of their documents and photographs. Next come the great-grandparents, followed by the 2nd-great-grandparents. Additional generations can be added if your family tree goes that far, but if it does not, the genealogical professionals at RecordClick can offer additional research if you desire. The only limitation is a maximum of 250 pages.

The binding of the Legacy Books is meant to last for decades, and the paper stock is glossy and heavy weight. The result is a treasured genealogy gift to yourself, your family members, and your future generations.

The professional genealogists at RecordClick can help you with your ancestor search, while other expert family history researchers are prepared to create a lasting genealogy book that captures your family legacy – one that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Whether you order a Legacy Book for an anniversary, a reunion, or a stellar Christmas genealogy gift, the experts at RecordClick are ready to create it for you. Contact RecordClick today to arrange for an unforgettable genealogy gift of family for your family.

Images courtesy of Tricia Dingwall Thompson.