The Genealogy Researcher Celebrates National Rose Month with Marshall Rose

Roses are blooming this month and in honor of National Rose Month, our RecordClick genealogy researcher decided to look up
a Rose who has been in the news–Candice Bergen’s husband Marshall Rose. Nice to see that there are lovely, elegant Roses from Brooklyn.

You want to know why this genealogy researcher loves autobiographies?  Because you get lots of details for family history research. You get color. You get ancestry. Often, you get some secrets.

This genealogist always comes away from an autobiography with wider eyes, sparkling details, and that sense of wonder.

Take Mae West’s autobiography. This genealogist thought it was very interesting, especially in its wealth of genealogical detail. Yet, when this ancestry researcher kept at it, I found that some of those details may or may not have been so accurate. But boy where they sure fun to read!

Actress Candice Bergen has been on the circuit recently with a second installment of her autobiography. Don’t you just love her! This is the girl whose first autobiography told secrets of being raised by her star father, Edgar Bergen. It was an odd moment for the genealogy researcher to learn of Edgar Bergen’s success, or lack of it, when it came to his parenting style. It was a strange genealogical detail to learn of the imposed sibling rivalry with her father’s favorite dummy, Charlie McCarthy.  New kind of  family tree branch, no?

Now, Candice Bergen has so moved on.  She has found love, peace, maturity and self -acceptance. Her family tree is growing this month as her daughter Chloe Malle gets married.

And some of her current serenity is attributed to the man in her life—Marshall Rose.

She tells how she met him. She tells about the differences between them. She notes a few nice things about him. But the genealogy researcher always is curious about stories. And when an ancestry specialist hears of that Candice’s husband since 2000 is an elegant guy from Brooklyn, the questions start flooding the genealogy brain. So, let’s dig a little. Why not? June is National Rose Month, anyway.

From business directories, the genealogy research will find some of Marshall Rose’s real estate business genealogy :

  • 1959 REIT Arlen Realty with Arthur G. Cohen, Arthur N. Levien, Marshall Rose
  • 1978 Georgetown Company

From old phone books, the genealogy researcher will see that Marshall Rose lived at 1040 Fifth Avenue, Apartment 16A from at least 1985-2002. One can even find his phone number.

That’s all just fluff. A Rose is a Rose by any other name. There are many Marshall Roses. Let’s prune this one and get to the real stuff.

A curious genealogy researcher will see that in the 1940 Census our Marshall, age 3 in South Midwood on 149 Beaumont Street.  The family looks like this:

  • Jack Rose age 36 (born about 1904)
  • Jean Rose age 32
  • Robert Rose age 9
  • Marshall Rose age 3

Jack is a naturalized Citizen, originally from England. He is a salesman for a Fur Manufacturer who wrosk 44 hours a week and has other sources of income. He didn’t attend school or college. Jean Rose was born in New York.

A genealogy researcher always likes to go backwards a bit. So, let’s go to the 1930 Census, where we see the family was in the Bronx at 1251 Boynton Avenue.

Jack Rose is 28. He is listed as having been married at age 25. He was born in London, England and arrived in the U.S. in 1907. He is a cutter for a fur manufacturer. His mother and father are listed as coming from Austria. Jack’s wife in 1930 is listed as Jenny Rose who is age 22. It says she was married at 21 and was born in New York. Her mother and father are listed as coming from Russia.

This is most likely the same person as the woman listed in 1940 as Jean. The ages work–so perhaps Jenny has Americanized her name?

Now let’s look at Jenny’s family. In the 1930 census there is

  • Frank Klein  60
  • Mirna Klein 51
  • Ida                25
  • Max              21
  • Jack              22
  • Jenny           22   Step-daughter

The profession of Frank Klein was builder in the building trade and he was a veteran.  The value of his home at the time was 18. He was a Naturalized Citizen who arrived in the U.S. in 1904.  Mirna Klein, his wife, arrived in 1906 and had alien status. Son Max Klein was a Blocker in the Millinery trade.

Look what we now know—Marshall Rose’s mother had some event  that lead her to have a step-parent. We family tree researchers also know that she was born in New York and had some variations on her name. We also know that Marshall Rose’s grandfather was in the real estate business. Interesting, right!?

Of course, there happen to be a zillion other people named Marshall Rose that bloomed on the computer screen while this genealogy researcher was looking at the internet garden of Roses.

There was the Marshall Rose who, with his wife Joyce, may have been from Alcatraz Island, California (!) and who took a Pan Am flight 1010/30 from London to New York on April 30, 1951.

There was the Marshall Rose, b. June 18, 1891 in Pall Mall, London, who was a US Citizen at the time of he and his wife, Violet Rose, b. October 6, 1892, sailed from Southampton, England to New York via the United States Lines S.S. America on September 13, 1960. There were divorces and marriages of some Marshall Roses in the Midwest and Texas.

But that’s not Candice’s Brooklyn Rose. Nope. He is still in New York. And she is doing just fine blooming where she is planted.

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