Hire A Professional Genealogy Researcher

Why Hire Genealogy Researcher?

Even with the terrific online resources available to researchers engaged in family search genealogy, there is going to come a time when even the most seasoned family historian will throw up their hands and say, “I’ve hit a brick wall!” That is when you know it is time to consider contacting a genealogist to hire a genealogy researcher.

How Do I Select the Right Genealogy Researcher?

RecordClick’s professional genealogists are Ancestor Search Specialists first and foremost. You can contact Record Click any time for a free consultation to find out the best avenue and Ancestor Search Specialist for your unique search. Our superb staff of international researchers can guide you as you pursue:

  • Finding your birth parents or a biological child;
  • Proving dual citizenship by descent (jus sanguinis);
  • Discovering your genetic genealogy and considering pursuing family tree DNA testing;
  • Procuring documentation for legal proceedings that require more stringent documentation;
  • Seeking new avenues of genealogical research;
  • Settling on the right path for your ancestor search that will yield results;
  • Delving into Jewish genealogy;
  • Finding affordable genealogy services that won’t break the bank.

That is how you select the right genealogist for hire.

Why Hire a RecordClick Ancestor Search Specialist?

We are holistic: RecordClick offers a holistic approach to its family search genealogy services. Its comprehensive genealogy research services discover answers not only to large, but also to small ancestor search projects. No ancestor research project is too large or too small for RecordClick.

We are global: Our expert Ancestor Search Specialists are located throughout the world and can tap family history records domestically and globally. Whether our genealogists are tapping the extraordinary resources of the legendary Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, or obtaining parish records from Ireland county locals to trace your ancestry, a RecordClick genealogist for hire can solve mysteries concerning your genealogy tree, including immigrant ancestors.

We are forensic: Our Ancestor Search Specialists conduct research for situations requiring a stricter policy of proof, such as verifying heirs and beneficiaries for veterans’ and pension benefits, supplying evidence for probate and estate cases, solving adoption cases, and locating the next-of-kin for unclaimed decedents.

We offer DNA genealogy: Family tree DNA is a major research resource in a genealogist’s tool-kit. Sometimes DNA testing is the only way to solve a genealogy puzzle. In affiliation with Family Tree DNA, RecordClick makes DNA testing kits available to its online customers. It also works with world renowned genetic genealogy researchers who offer consultations to test-takers and provide help in translating results.

We are comprehensive: RecordClick also offers genealogical record look-up services, including, but not limited to obituaries, land deeds, military records, probates, wills, death indexes, marriage certificates, baptismal records, parish records, and social security death records.

We are diverse: Our family search genealogy professionals are well versed in locating documentation needed for lineage society membership; United States Colonial research; Jewish genealogy; Native Ancestry and Tribal Citizenship proof; as well as helping you locate living relatives.

We are affordable: Record Click’s Ancestor Search Specialists offer affordable family search genealogy service packages that are personally designed for your specific needs. Cost of hiring a genealogist should NOT have to break the bank to find the family genealogy answers you need.

We go the extra mile: At the conclusion of genealogical research projects, RecordClick provides customers with an easy-to-read Project Report, which provides insightful information not only to you, but to your descendants. In addition to our ancestor search services, RecordClick’s affiliation with Reel Tributes, a full-service production company, gives our customers the opportunity to have a video biography produced, memorializing your family’s unique history.

Those are just a few reasons why you should hire a RecordClick Ancestor Search Specialist to help you with your family search genealogy journey.

Look What Customers Are Saying About RecordClick

My experience has been positive. The platform is easy to use. Thank the ladies for me. — R Fanelly, Ohio

Oh my! This is going to rock the cousins’ world, but at least they know more now than they did before. You did such an excellent job – I am so impressed! Joyce did an excellent job, and I can tell she loves her job. I was surprised at how she found so much information so quickly. She backed everything up with her sources. I would definitely use this service again. — Ruth, Florida

Thank you all. I look forward to working with you all in the future. — F Smith, Texas

It was a pleasure working with Record Click. From the beginning, they were a very responsive company, and they took genuine interest in helping me with my research. They provide excellent customer service and the researchers are always in contact with you. The results were also amazing! There was a very fast turnaround and they went over and beyond for me and thanks to them my Professor was very pleased. Thank you Record Click! — S Perez, Florida

My thanks to you for your assistance with B.E. Stratton. I certainly did not expect to have the results so promptly. — Sandra, Australia

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