How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Genealogist?

cost to hire genealogist

At some point of time in your research you will want to hire a genealogist. Knowing how much it costs to hire a genealogist will help you better plan for the overall cost of your research. From a simple record retrieval to finding your coat of arms or family crest, the rates will vary and that is simply because of the complexity of the research required.

The higher the complexity of the research the higher the rate of the genealogist. Why? Even a beginner genealogist can trace and retrieve a record from the archives but researching your ancestry from 1800. Well, you can image that a professional researcher will be needed; if not 2 or more.

In most cases, this should not deter you in wanting to complete your research, as you know, the research can be completed over time. Just be sure to properly budget your overall project and tackle the research components as finances becomes available.

Really, so how much does it cost to hire a professional genealogist? The industry standard rates start around $50 and we’ve heard of rates as high as $120. There is no surprise to the platfora of price ranges as it really comes down to the complexity of your research and the size of the organization. Sadly the larger the researcher firm the more its going to cost you.

Most genealogists charge their prices according to their capability. Genealogist are really honest people. They know that taking a project that is not in their scope will not help their career or help a customer with their research. So they are quick to turn down project and in most cases they will charge according to their capabilities.

Remember you can always lower your overall cost of your project by doing some of the research yourself. Its fun and the mysteries that you uncover will really excite you. When you hit a roadblock just hire a genealogist to get you over the hump.

With this strategy in mind you can easily cut the cost of the overall project by half. There are many resources available on the web for free. Have a look at Finding Family History Can Be A Tough Task to be sure you’re prepared for the research process. Furthermore, we’ve listed many of the different available tools on our site so be sure to browse around and see what tools meet your needs.

Everyone wants the best genealogist, but if you’re on a budget you may have to consider your budget in the overall decision of who to hire. At Record Click our rates are extremely low and we always work toward making sure we can help all budgets.

When it comes to your research it is not the money that drives us to succeed. Rather, we are victims of wanting to uncover the mystery. Each customer’s project is like being part of the booking writing process. We treat your projects with respect and always aim to over delivery. Go ahead and contact us so that we can discuss how we can help you overcome any roadblocks in your research at a very reasonable rate.

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