Best Websites and Databases For Online Genealogy

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Online genealogy is becoming the norm, and you no longer have to visit foreign libraries and sift through dusty archives to establish your family history. In today’s digital age, you can unravel these stories and mysteries in the comfort of your couch, thanks to the vast realm of online databases and sites.

Imagine quickly accessing centuries-old records and connecting the dots on your laptop or tablet to trace relatives across the globe. Online genealogy helps you achieve this in addition to knowing your ancestry, ancestral secrets, and migration patterns.

With the vast collection of records and documents becoming accessible online, knowing where to look is imperative. You want to know the best online platform for your target region, period, or research methodology.

Luckily, this guide will navigate the online genealogy landscape and highlight the databases and websites to prioritize.

Key Takeaways

  • To become a professional genealogist online, you must understand the online platforms that provide invaluable resources for your research.
  • Some of the best ancestry research websites include and MyHeritage.
  • Finding a database or website is only a fraction of genealogy research, as you will need to compile that information and dig deeper for specifics.

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5 Best Online Genealogy Websites

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Family Tree

To become a professional genealogist online, you must understand the online platforms that provide invaluable resources. Here, we highlight the top global genealogy websites that have gained respect and trust among family history researchers.

  1. has been building its brand as a companion in every step of your online genealogy. This site has an extensive collection of records spanning immigration documents, census records, birth, marriage, and death certificates.

    In addition to vast resources, the site has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate even for novice users.

    Most importantly, the site has a DNA feature that helps you track your genetics and ethnicity. After choosing the best subscription, you can enjoy unique features, connect with other users, and make your online family history search a riveting adventure.

  2. MyHeritage

    MyHeritage also has a myriad of research tools and social networking features that help you unravel your heritage and connect with relatives who’ve also signed up. Genealogy resources on this site include records from across the world, making it ideal for a researcher with a diverse heritage.

    Like, MyHeritage has an advanced search option and a family tree builder to help bring your genealogy into perspective as you make discoveries.

  3. Findmypast

    Findmypast is the go-to platform to focus your online genealogy on British and Irish history. The site offers detailed records, including parish registers, military records, and newspapers. Findmypast has also gone the extra mile to ensure constant updates and the addition of fresh records by partnering with archives and libraries in the respective regions.

  4. FamilySearch

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates this nonprofit organization and website, offering genealogical records, education, and software. FamilySearch has become a haven for many genealogists and independent researchers looking for historical records for its intuitive interface and free access. The site also lets users freely contribute and access records, making it a favorite option for professional genealogists and beginners.

  5. Geni

    Geni is a subsidiary of MyHeritage, but it focuses more on connecting relatives than providing resources. You can start a family tree through the site and share it with other interested parties. Geni aims to facilitate research connections and create a unified family history. So, if you’re looking for a website to build relationships with other users, Geni might be a favorite consideration.

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Best Websites and Databases for German Ancestry Research Online

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Genealogy Research

The websites highlighted above can help your German genealogy, but you may need to look further at databases focusing solely on German history and genealogy resources.

So, if you’re determined to embark on your German genealogy, here are the platforms that can come in handy.

  1. is a hub for German genealogy that offers access to guides, databases, and advice. The site emphasizes localized genealogy and helps researchers navigate the complexities in German genealogy, such as identifying ancestral regions. Besides the research guidance, connects researchers with local societies and researchers to help you gain insights for your endeavor.

  2. Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (German Digital Library)

    German Digital Library goes beyond providing traditional genealogical records. It also presents an array of cultural artifacts, including manuscripts, artworks, and historical documents, that can provide a deeper understanding of your ancestry. Although the site is framed in German language in its standard form, you can opt for English.

  3. Matricula

    Matricula is a nonprofit organization that has digitized Catholic Church records from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. The site’s main objective is to help researchers quickly access records for Roman Catholicism. So, among the online records, you’ll find the German Grand Duchy of Luxembourg records, registers from Münster and Paderborn, and an extensive collection of Militärkirchenbücher—the “barracks parishes” of garrisoned soldiers who were often far from home.

Best Websites and Databases for Irish Genealogy Online

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The journey to unearth Irish genealogy is marked by reverence and enthusiasm, especially when interacting with Dublin’s bustling streets and the countryside’s serene landscapes.

So, when embarking on your Irish genealogy journey, you need online resources that are specially curated to illuminate your path.

Here are the best websites and databases for that endeavor.

  1., is the official government portal for records and historical documents. Users are granted free access to census records, civil registration records, parish registers, and will indexes. This site can provide crucial information for your online genealogy, with records dating back to the 19th century.

  2. National Archives of Ireland

    The National Archives of Ireland also has a treasure trove of records crucial for online Irish genealogy. The online presence makes it easy for local and foreign users to access records that shed light on the lives that shaped the current generation. The archives not only offer genealogical records but also helps you understand Ireland’s cultural and social revolution.

  3. RootsIreland

    RootsIreland is a consortium of genealogy centers in Ireland. The site has an extensive database of gravestone inscriptions, parish records, and certificates that greatly aid local genealogy. Besides, RootsIreland connects you to local researchers with special knowledge about specific locales across Ireland.

Find a Genuine Genealogist for Accurate Ancestry

Seek Professional Online Genealogy for Authenticity

With the increase in websites and databases offering genealogy resources and services, you need a cut-out plan to save you money and ensure you get authentic results for your family tree.

Finding a database or website is only a fraction of genealogy research, as you will need to compile that information and dig deeper for specifics. Check our tips for successful genealogy to remain on track and enjoy the process.

The team of professional genealogists at RecordClick is dedicated to helping you trace your family history. So, whether you’re exploring your Irish or German roots or want to explore Europe to the Old World, RecordClick will provide expert guidance at a cost you can afford.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries, consultations, or a plan on how to assist in your genealogy journey.

Keep the conversations flowing and the discoveries unfolding. Your story is waiting to be told.